Renewable energy startups in India are playing a pivotal role in driving the country’s transition towards clean and sustainable energy sources. With a growing focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy adoption, these startups are at the forefront of innovation, offering innovative solutions to meet India’s energy needs while minimizing environmental impact.

India, being one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, faces significant energy challenges, including a heavy reliance on fossil fuels and a rapidly increasing demand for power. However, the Indian government has set ambitious renewable energy targets, aiming to achieve 450 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. In this scenario, renewable energy startups have emerged as key drivers of change, bringing forth cutting-edge technologies, business models, and services to accelerate the clean energy revolution.

Leading the pack is ReNew Power, a trailblazing startup focused on solar and wind power generation. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, ReNew Power has established itself as a major player in the renewable energy sector, contributing significantly to India’s clean energy transition.

“Building a Greener Tomorrow: Meet India’s Top 10 Renewable Energy Startups Shaping the Sustainable Future”

Orb Energy

Founder: Damian Miller

CEO: Damian Miller

Year: Founded in 2006

Impact: Orb Energy specializes in providing solar energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers. They have made a significant impact by promoting solar power adoption in the commercial sector, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

Services: Orb Energy offers solar energy solutions, including design, installation, financing, and maintenance of rooftop solar systems for commercial and industrial buildings. They also provide solar water heating solutions.

Future Vision: Orb Energy aims to expand its solar business across India, Africa, and other emerging markets, with a focus on delivering affordable and clean energy solutions to businesses.

Husk Power Systems

Founder: Manoj Sinha and Gyanesh Pandey

CEO: Gyanesh Pandey

Year: Founded in 2008

Impact: Husk Power Systems provides decentralized renewable energy solutions, specifically focusing on rural electrification. They have brought electricity to underserved communities by utilizing biomass gasification technology.

Services: Husk Power Systems installs and operates mini-grids powered by biomass gasification, providing electricity to rural areas. They convert agricultural waste, such as rice husks, into clean energy.

Future Vision: Husk Power Systems aims to expand its rural electrification efforts, reaching more remote communities with clean and affordable electricity. They also aim to explore opportunities for hybrid systems and energy storage.


Founder: Piyush Mathur and Sarat Chandran

CEO: Sarat Chandran

Year: Founded in 2008

Impact: SunMoksha specializes in providing renewable energy solutions for rural and off-grid communities. They focus on solar-powered water pumping and irrigation systems, improving agricultural productivity and livelihoods.

Services: SunMoksha offers solar-powered water pumping systems, solar microgrids, and solar irrigation solutions. Their technologies help rural communities access reliable energy for irrigation, enhancing agricultural practices.

Future Vision: SunMoksha aims to expand its reach and impact, providing renewable energy solutions to more remote communities. They also aim to incorporate data analytics and smart technologies for efficient energy management.

SolarTown Energy Solutions

Founder: Anmol Singh Jaggi and Sachin Bansal

CEO: Anmol Singh Jaggi

Year: Founded in 2010

Impact: SolarTown Energy Solutions is a solar energy company focused on providing turnkey solar solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential customers. They have contributed to the adoption of solar power across various sectors.

Services: SolarTown Energy Solutions offers design, engineering, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. They also provide solar project development and financing services.

Future Vision: SolarTown Energy Solutions aims to further expand its solar portfolio, leverage emerging technologies for enhanced energy efficiency, and contribute to India’s renewable energy goals.

Surya Power Magic

Founder: Arvind Reddy

CEO: Arvind Reddy

Year: Founded in 2011

Impact: Surya Power Magic is a solar power company that focuses on providing solar energy solutions for residential and commercial customers. They have contributed to the growth of solar power adoption in urban areas.

Services: Surya Power Magic offers rooftop solar installations for residential and commercial buildings. They provide design, installation, and maintenance services, enabling customers to generate clean and affordable electricity.

Future Vision: Surya Power Magic aims to continue expanding its customer base, offering innovative solar solutions, and promoting the benefits of solar energy in urban areas.

Kalki Communication Technologies

Founder: Pranav Mehta

CEO: Pranav Mehta

Year: Founded in 2006

Impact: Kalki Communication Technologies is a solar energy company that focuses on developing innovative solar products and solutions. They have played a role in advancing solar technology and promoting clean energy adoption.

Services: Kalki Communication Technologies offers solar-powered products such as solar charge controllers, solar home lighting systems, solar street lights, and solar water pumping systems. They also provide solar project consultancy services.

Future Vision: Kalki Communication Technologies aims to continue developing innovative solar products, contributing to energy access, and promoting sustainable and affordable solar solutions.

UGE International

Founder: Nick Blitterswyk

CEO: Nick Blitterswyk

Year: Founded in 2008

Impact: UGE International is a renewable energy company that specializes in developing and installing solar and storage solutions for commercial and industrial customers. They have helped businesses reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.

Services: UGE International offers turnkey solar and energy storage solutions, including project development, engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance services. They also provide energy management and monitoring systems.

Future Vision: UGE International aims to continue expanding its presence in the commercial and industrial sectors, leveraging energy storage and smart grid technologies, and contributing to sustainable energy transition globally.

Carbon Clean Solutions

Founder: Aniruddha Sharma and Prateek Bumb

CEO: Aniruddha Sharma

Year: Founded in 2009

Impact: Carbon Clean Solutions is a technology company focused on carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) solutions. They have developed innovative technologies to reduce carbon emissions from industrial processes.

Services: Carbon Clean Solutions offers carbon capture technology for various industries, including power plants, refineries, and manufacturing units. Their solutions enable the capture and reuse or storage of carbon dioxide emissions.

Future Vision: Carbon Clean Solutions aims to further develop and deploy its carbon capture technologies, collaborate with industry partners, and contribute to global efforts in decarbonizing industrial sectors.

Tork Motors

Founder: Kapil Shelke

CEO: Kapil Shelke

Year: Founded in 2009

Impact: Tork Motors is an electric vehicle (EV) startup focused on developing electric motorcycles and EV components. They have contributed to the growth of the electric mobility sector in India, promoting clean and sustainable transportation.

Services: Tork Motors designs and manufactures electric motorcycles, with a focus on performance and range. They also develop EV components, including battery management systems and electric powertrains.

Future Vision: Tork Motors aims to continue innovating in the EV space, expand its product portfolio, and contribute to the mass adoption of electric motorcycles and clean mobility solutions.


Founder: Harish Hande and Neville Williams

CEO: Harish Hande

Year: Founded in 1995

Impact: SELCO India is a social enterprise that focuses on providing sustainable energy solutions to underserved communities. They have pioneered the concept of solar electrification for rural households and played a crucial role in rural development.

Services: SELCO India offers solar lighting systems, home electrification solutions, and solar-powered appliances tailored to the needs of low-income households. They also provide financing options and after-sales service support.

Future Vision: SELCO India aims to continue expanding its reach, focusing on energy access for marginalized communities, and promoting inclusive and sustainable development through renewable energy solutions.

These startups, along with others in the renewable energy sector, are driving innovation, research, and development in clean energy technologies. They are also creating new business opportunities, attracting investments, and contributing to India’s economic growth.

The growth of renewable energy startups in India has been supported by favorable government policies and initiatives, such as the National Solar Mission, incentives for clean energy projects, and tax benefits for renewable energy companies. These factors have created an enabling environment for startups to thrive and make a significant impact on the country’s clean energy transition.