India’s cybersecurity landscape has been rapidly evolving in recent years, with a surge in innovative startups dedicated to protecting organizations and individuals from cyber threats. These emerging cybersecurity ventures in India are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies and strategies to combat the ever-growing risks and vulnerabilities in the digital world.

With the increasing digitization of businesses and the pervasive use of technology in everyday life, the demand for robust cybersecurity solutions has never been higher. These startups are addressing this critical need by offering a wide range of specialized services, including threat detection and intelligence, vulnerability assessments, data protection, secure authentication, incident response, and more.

These cybersecurity startups in India are characterized by their entrepreneurial spirit, agility, and ability to adapt to the evolving threat landscape. They often collaborate with government agencies, industry associations, and academic institutions to stay abreast of the latest trends and share knowledge.

In addition to their technical expertise, these startups understand the importance of user education and awareness. They actively engage in community outreach programs, conduct cybersecurity training workshops, and participate in industry events to promote cybersecurity awareness among individuals, businesses, and communities.

“Securing the Future: India’s Top 10 Cybersecurity Startups”


Founder: Pavan Thatha and Rakesh Thatha

CEO: Vishwas Manral

Year: 2014

Services: Bot mitigation, web scraping protection, account takeover prevention

Target Audience: Websites, e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces

Vision: To safeguard online businesses from automated threats and ensure a secure and fraud-free digital experience for their customers.

Future Targeted: Advancing their bot mitigation capabilities, expanding their customer base globally, and staying ahead of emerging threats in the digital landscape.

Safe Security

Founder: Saket Modi

CEO: Saket Modi

Year: 2012

Services: Risk management, vulnerability assessment, security analytics

Target Audience: Enterprises, government organizations, critical infrastructure

Vision: To provide organizations with real-time visibility, assessment, and prioritization of security risks, enabling them to make informed decisions to protect their digital assets.

Future Targeted: Enhancing their risk management platform, incorporating AI and ML technologies, expanding their market presence in domestic and international markets, and broadening their offerings in security analytics.


Founder: Harshit Agarwal, Prateek Panda, and Subho Halder

CEO: Harshit Agarwal

Year: 2014

Services: Mobile application security testing, vulnerability assessment

Target Audience: Enterprises, app developers, mobile application providers

Vision: To secure mobile applications by identifying vulnerabilities and helping organizations build robust and secure mobile app ecosystems.

Future Targeted: Advancing their mobile application security testing platform, expanding their customer base globally, and incorporating emerging technologies to address evolving mobile security challenges.

Block Armour

Founder: Narayan Neelakantan and Akshay Aggarwal

CEO: Narayan Neelakantan

Year: 2017

Services: Blockchain-based cybersecurity solutions, secure digital identities, data privacy

Target Audience: Enterprises, critical infrastructure, IoT ecosystem

Vision: To revolutionize cybersecurity by leveraging blockchain technology, enabling secure digital interactions, protecting data privacy, and ensuring trust in the digital world.

Future Targeted: Advancing their blockchain-based cybersecurity solutions, expanding their presence in global markets, and exploring opportunities in emerging technologies like IoT security and secure data sharing.


Founder: Ashish Tandon

CEO: Ashish Tandon

Year: 2004

Services: Web application scanning, vulnerability management, web application firewall (WAF)

Target Audience: Enterprises, e-commerce platforms, SaaS providers

Vision: To protect web applications from cyber threats by offering comprehensive application security solutions, helping organizations build secure and resilient web applications.

Future Targeted: Strengthening their web application scanning and vulnerability management solutions, enhancing their WAF offerings, and expanding their customer base globally.


Founder: Arvind Parthiban and Krishnan Viswanath

CEO: Arvind Parthiban

Year: 2017

Services: Cyber insurance, financial protection against cyber threats

Target Audience: Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Vision: To provide affordable cyber insurance solutions tailored for SMEs, offering financial protection against losses resulting from cyberattacks and data breaches.

Future Targeted: Expanding their cyber insurance offerings, reaching a wider SME market, and innovating in coverage options to address emerging cyber risks.


Founder: Gautam Kumawat

CEO: Gautam Kumawat

Year: 2017

Services: Threat intelligence, cyber risk assessment, incident response

Target Audience: Enterprises, government organizations, critical infrastructure

Vision: To empower organizations with real-time threat intelligence, comprehensive risk assessments, and efficient incident response capabilities, enabling them to proactively defend against cyber threats.

Future Targeted: Enhancing their threat intelligence platform, expanding their incident response services, and strengthening partnerships with industry stakeholders to foster collaboration in cyber defense.


Founder: Prashant Pandey and Abhay Rana

CEO: Prashant Pandey

Year: 2012

Services: Application security testing, secure code review, penetration testing

Target Audience: Enterprises, technology companies, app developers

Vision: To secure applications and digital assets by providing comprehensive application security testing services and empowering organizations to build robust and secure software.

Future Targeted: Advancing their application security testing offerings, expanding their customer base globally, and staying at the forefront of emerging application security trends and techniques.


Founder: Sanket Sharma and Nitin Agarwal

CEO: Sanket Sharma

Year: 2016

Services: Secure file sharing, data protection, access control

Target Audience: Enterprises, professionals, businesses handling sensitive data

Vision: To provide a secure and user-friendly platform for sharing sensitive files, enabling organizations to protect their valuable data and maintain control over its access and usage.

Future Targeted: Enhancing their secure file sharing platform, expanding their user base globally, and incorporating advanced encryption and access control features to meet evolving data protection needs.

Argus Cyber Security

Founder: Ofer Ben-Noon, Yaron Galula, and Idan Plotnik

CEO: Ofer Ben-Noon

Year: 2013

Services: Automotive cybersecurity, connected vehicle protection, vulnerability management

Target Audience: Automotive manufacturers, fleet operators, connected vehicle ecosystem

Vision: To secure connected vehicles from cyber threats by providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protect vehicles’ safety, data privacy, and overall functionality.

Future Targeted: Advancing their automotive cybersecurity solutions, strengthening partnerships with automotive manufacturers and suppliers, and innovating in connected vehicle protection technologies.

Furthermore, the growth of these cybersecurity startups has attracted the attention of venture capitalists and investors who recognize the immense market potential and the critical role they play in addressing the cybersecurity challenges of the digital era. The influx of funding has further accelerated their growth and provided resources for research and development, talent acquisition, and expanding their customer base.

The success of these cybersecurity startups not only contributes to India’s economy but also strengthens its position as a hub for technological innovation and cybersecurity excellence. As the threat landscape continues to evolve and cyberattacks become more sophisticated, these startups remain at the forefront of developing innovative solutions and strategies to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.