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By Mr Yash Dubal

The United Kingdom has emerged as a lucrative destination for Indian entrepreneurs and businesspeople seeking to expand their global footprint and establish a presence in the country. The Self-Sponsorship route offers a legitimate and attractive way for these enterprising individuals to set up their own businesses in the UK, obtain a Skilled Worker Visa, and ultimately become UK citizens. Moreover, it provides the added benefit of managing the business without the constant worry of visa revocation and leads towards permanent residency.

Recent changes in the UK immigration system have made it harder for investors and entrepreneurs to gain access through traditional visa routes, such as the closure of Investor visa and the Entrepreneur Visa. However, a new and innovative process called “self-sponsorship” offers a legitimate and attractive alternative for enterprising individuals.

Self-sponsorship involves establishing a UK limited company and then sponsoring oneself through that company to obtain a Skilled Worker visa. This legal process complies with immigration rules and has been successfully adopted by self-employed business owners in countries like the USA and India. A London-based immigration law firm like A Y & J Solicitors known for its expertise in pioneering this innovative process, has helped several clients gain legal entry to the UK using the self-sponsorship route.

The self-sponsorship route offers a new way for genuine business owners who do not qualify for regular UK visas to gain access to the British SME market and even possible citizenship. For entrepreneurs who do not meet the rigid criteria of the Innovator visa, self-sponsorship presents a viable alternative.

The self-sponsorship system also offers business owners a pathway to permanent UK residency. After five years, holders of Skilled Worker visas may qualify for residency, and after six years, they may be eligible for citizenship. This route also allows them to bring their spouses and children under the age of 18 to the UK.

In conclusion, the self-sponsorship route stands out as a promising avenue for Indian entrepreneurs and businesspeople to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations in the UK. By collaborating with seasoned professionals, Indian business owners can expertly navigate their way to success, permanent residency, and UK citizenship. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – seize the first step toward transforming your dreams into reality today. Reach out to experienced professionals for expert advice and assistance in embarking on your self-sponsorship journey and setting the stage for your entrepreneurial success in the UK.

(The author of above article, Mr. Yash Dubal is Director & a Senior Immigration Associate, A Y & J Solicitors, London, United Kingdom.  The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Entrepreneur Today, its management, or its members)