The Saga of AI: How Influencer Marketing Will Never Be the Same in India By Manjul Wadhwa

By Manjul Wadhwa

I vividly remember the magical days of the 1990s when everyone in the family would gather around the TV awaiting their favourite show. The living room would echo with laughter and conversations as everyone shared moments with a single screen. Fast forward to today, and the scene is starkly different. Each person in the living room is now on their own device, scrolling through streams of content, lost in their own digital worlds.

This dramatic shift from collective viewing to individual screen time has completely transformed the marketing landscape. Gone are the days when a single message could reach everyone at once. Designated show timings and fewer channels used to block the viewer’s time in the 90s, but today users spend an average of 2.5 hours glued to their mobile screens.

Consumers in the 2020s now have fleeting attention spans averaging a mere 8 seconds—less than that of a goldfish. They also demand content that speaks directly to them. And that’s where influencer marketing comes in.

Influencer marketing aims to connect with audiences on a personal level through trusted voices. This personalization cuts through the digital clutter and delivers your message with a bond that feels personal to the audience.

But let me tell you, in this fragmented media space, finding the right influencer is no easy task. With over 20 million creators in India alone, the sheer volume makes it almost impossible for media planners to navigate on their own.

You can’t just trust your gut to analyse lakhs of creator profiles against the set criteria for a campaign and subsequently scale the return on investment (ROI) from influencer marketing. For that, you must scale your efforts with advanced technology. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) steps in.

AI’s detailed dissection of criteria ensures the right match of creators in line with your target audience, brand’s tone of voice, and other crucial factors. You can mimic human-like behavior by implementing machine learning (ML) algorithms, large language models (LLMs), and generative AI.

Introducing You to AI Excellence

We have also tapped into the power of AI in influencer matchmaking and launched our AI-driven influencer marketing platform, Inflyx. At Inflyx, we have embraced AI to navigate the complexities of modern media planning. Our platform uses advanced algorithms to match brands with influencers who share their values and goals.

Search for the Perfect Influencers in Seconds

Inflyx’s algorithms analyze heaps of historical content, identifying the perfect influencers for your brand. These algorithms generate sentiment analysis of the content’s tone and match the audience profile and brand traits to fit the index. This automated process saves hours of manual work and enhances the impact of influencer marketing campaigns with minimal error of judgement.

Go Beyond Just Discovery

AI goes beyond influencer discovery. It streamlines the entire campaign process, studying previous insights and analytics to help you measure success and refine strategies. Our model ensures brand-influencer partnerships that bring real value to the table.

AI benefits influencer marketing by enhancing consumer targeting, improving ROI, and maintaining a personal touch at scale. You can now track the entire influencer marketing process, from initial outreach to final results, in an integrated dashboard, meaning better collaboration and accountability.

Our platform ensures campaign personalization while scaling up and accurately tracking ROI. It goes all in with niche segmentation and detailed analytics, allowing you to allocate your budgets to the right set of influencers.

Leverage the Superpower of Communities

Communities are the lifeblood of today’s businesses. We live by it and tap into specialised communities, creating a two-way channel between brands and creators. Our vision is to empower creators to monetize their passion and help brands find the perfect match, ensuring campaigns are insight-driven, targeted, and efficient.

What Can We Conclude?

As we look to the future, the role of AI in influencer marketing will only grow. AI continues to advance in trend prediction, audience segmentation, and campaign optimization, making the complexities of influencer marketing manageable.

In a world where every family member is on a different screen, AI-led influencer marketing is unlocking new opportunities. Brands must embrace the AI-powered evolution to thrive in this dynamic landscape, connecting with consumers in ways that are both personal and powerful. The future of influencer marketing is here, and it’s powered by AI.

(The author of above article is Manjul Wadhwa, Founder& CEO of Angram Media Labs & Inflyx -AI based Creator Marketplace. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Entrepreneur Today, its management, or its members)