Top 10 Smart City Startups in india
Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

In recent years, India has witnessed a rapid urbanization trend, leading to increased demand for innovative solutions to manage urban infrastructure efficiently. Smart city startups are playing a pivotal role in transforming cities by integrating technology to enhance quality of life, sustainability, and efficiency. Here, we delve into the top 10 smart city startups in India that are driving urban innovation and reshaping urban landscapes.

1. UrbanClap (now Urban Company)

Focus AreasHome services, urban convenience
InnovationsTechnology-enabled platform for service booking and management
Notable AchievementsStreamlined home service delivery in urban areas
Key OfferingsHome cleaning, repairs, beauty services

UrbanClap (now Urban Company)-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

UrbanClap, founded in 2014 and rebranded as Urban Company, is a leading platform for home services. While not exclusively a smart city startup, its services contribute significantly to urban convenience and efficiency.

Innovations and Contributions:
Urban Company connects consumers with skilled professionals for services ranging from home cleaning and repairs to beauty treatments, enhancing urban living standards.

Notable Impact:
It has streamlined service delivery in cities, promoting efficiency and convenience through technology-enabled booking and service management.

2. Cityflo

Focus AreasUrban mobility, transportation solutions
InnovationsPremium bus commute services, smart routing algorithms
Notable AchievementsReduced commute time, optimized bus routes
Key OfferingsTechnology-enabled bus services for daily commuters

Cityflo-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Cityflo, founded in 2015, is a technology-enabled platform that offers premium daily commute services using buses. It focuses on solving urban mobility challenges through efficient and comfortable transportation solutions.

Innovations and Contributions:
Cityflo uses data analytics and smart routing algorithms to optimize bus routes, reduce commute time, and provide a reliable alternative to traditional transport.

Notable Impact:
It improves urban mobility, reduces traffic congestion, and promotes sustainable transport options in major cities like Mumbai and Pune.

3. MyGate

Focus AreasResidential security, community management
InnovationsMobile app-based security and access control
Notable AchievementsEnhanced security, convenience in gated communities
Key OfferingsVisitor management, e-intercom, parcel management

MyGate-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

MyGate, established in 2016, is a security management solution for gated communities and apartment complexes. It leverages technology to enhance security, convenience, and efficiency in urban residential spaces.

Innovations and Contributions:
MyGate offers features such as visitor management, e-intercom, and parcel management through a mobile app, ensuring seamless access control and community engagement.

Notable Impact:
It improves safety and operational efficiency in urban residential areas, transforming the way gated communities manage security and amenities.

4. 1mg

Focus AreasDigital health, online pharmacy
InnovationsOnline medicine ordering, lab tests, teleconsultation
Notable AchievementsAccessible healthcare services, digital health awareness
Key OfferingsMedicine delivery, health consultations, diagnostics

1mg-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

1mg, founded in 2015, is India’s leading digital health platform that offers online pharmacy, diagnostics, and healthcare services. It utilizes technology to provide accessible and affordable healthcare solutions.

Innovations and Contributions:
1mg enables users to order medicines, book lab tests, consult doctors online, and access health information, promoting health and wellness in urban areas.

Notable Impact:
It enhances healthcare accessibility, reduces dependency on physical pharmacies, and promotes digital health awareness in urban populations.

5. Zoomcar

Focus AreasSelf-drive car rental, shared mobility
InnovationsApp-based car rental, flexible booking options
Notable AchievementsPromoted shared mobility, reduced urban congestion
Key OfferingsHourly, daily, and monthly car rentals

Zoomcar-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Zoomcar, launched in 2013, is India’s first and largest self-drive car rental platform. It operates in multiple cities and offers a flexible and convenient mobility solution for urban residents.

Innovations and Contributions:
Zoomcar’s app-based platform allows users to rent cars by the hour, day, week, or month, promoting shared mobility and reducing urban traffic congestion.

Notable Impact:
It enhances urban mobility options, encourages car-sharing, and supports sustainable urban transport initiatives in congested cities.

6. SmartE

Focus AreasElectric vehicles (e-rickshaws), last-mile connectivity
InnovationsLargest EV fleet operator, eco-friendly transport
Notable AchievementsImproved urban air quality, sustainable mobility
Key OfferingsElectric three-wheeler rides for short distances

SmartE-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

SmartE, founded in 2014, is India’s largest electric vehicle (EV) fleet operator for last-mile connectivity. It provides eco-friendly and affordable transport solutions in urban areas.

Innovations and Contributions:
SmartE operates electric three-wheelers (e-rickshaws) for short-distance commuting, reducing urban pollution and promoting clean energy adoption.

Notable Impact:
It improves urban air quality, reduces carbon emissions, and enhances first and last-mile connectivity in densely populated urban regions.

7. WickedRide Adventure Services Pvt. Ltd. (now Bounce)

Focus AreasDockless scooter-sharing, micro-mobility
InnovationsIoT-enabled scooter rental, app-based sharing
Notable AchievementsReduced traffic congestion, promoted urban mobility
Key OfferingsElectric and petrol scooters for short-term rentals

WickedRide Adventure Services Pvt. Ltd. (now Bounce)-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

WickedRide, rebranded as Bounce, started in 2014 as a scooter rental platform and has evolved into a dockless scooter-sharing service in urban areas.

Innovations and Contributions:
Bounce offers electric and petrol-powered scooters for short trips, leveraging IoT and mobile technology for easy rental and tracking.

Notable Impact:
It promotes micro-mobility solutions, reduces urban traffic congestion, and provides affordable transport options for urban commuters.

8. mPaani

Focus AreasData-driven loyalty program, local retail support
InnovationsAI-driven customer engagement, personalized rewards
Notable AchievementsStrengthened urban retail ecosystems, digital commerce support
Key OfferingsLoyalty rewards, digital engagement for local retailers

mPaani-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

mPaani, established in 2014, is a data-driven loyalty program that connects consumers with local retailers, enhancing access to essential goods and services in urban neighborhoods.

Innovations and Contributions:
mPaani uses AI and analytics to offer personalized rewards and incentives, fostering consumer loyalty and supporting local businesses in urban markets.

Notable Impact:
It promotes inclusive growth, strengthens urban retail ecosystems, and empowers local communities through digital engagement and commerce.

9. PParke

Focus AreasSmart parking management, urban traffic optimization
InnovationsIoT-enabled parking solutions, real-time updates
Notable AchievementsImproved parking efficiency, reduced congestion
Key OfferingsParking availability updates, digital payment options

PParke-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

PParke, founded in 2018, is a smart parking management platform that uses IoT and data analytics to optimize parking space utilization in urban areas.

Innovations and Contributions:
PParke provides real-time parking availability updates, booking options, and digital payment solutions, reducing congestion and enhancing urban parking efficiency.

Notable Impact:
It improves urban traffic flow, minimizes parking-related hassles, and promotes sustainable urban mobility practices.

10. Niramai

Focus AreasAI-powered healthcare, breast cancer screening
InnovationsThermography-based diagnostics, non-invasive screening
Notable AchievementsEarly detection of breast cancer, accessible healthcare
Key OfferingsAI-based screening solutions, healthcare accessibility

Niramai-Top 10 Smart City Startups in india

Niramai, founded in 2016, is an AI-powered breast cancer screening solution that offers non-invasive and privacy-aware diagnostics through thermography.

Innovations and Contributions:
Niramai’s technology enables early detection of breast cancer, improving healthcare accessibility and outcomes for urban populations.

Notable Impact:
It enhances preventive healthcare, particularly for women in urban areas, by providing affordable and accessible screening solutions.

FAQs and answers for each of the top 10 smart city startups in India, providing insights into their operations, innovations, and contributions to urban development.

1. UrbanClap (now Urban Company)

Q1: What services does UrbanClap (Urban Company) provide?

  • Urban Company connects consumers with professionals for home services such as cleaning, repairs, beauty treatments, and more.

Q2: How does UrbanClap enhance urban living?

  • It simplifies access to reliable home services through a tech-enabled platform, improving convenience and service quality.

Q3: What are some notable achievements of UrbanClap?

  • Urban Company has streamlined service delivery across cities, promoting entrepreneurship and enhancing consumer satisfaction.

2. Cityflo

Q1: What is Cityflo’s main service offering?

  • Cityflo provides premium bus commute services aimed at improving urban mobility and reducing travel time for daily commuters.

Q2: How does Cityflo use technology to enhance bus services?

  • It employs smart routing algorithms and real-time data analysis to optimize bus routes and improve operational efficiency.

Q3: What impact has Cityflo made on urban transportation?

  • Cityflo has reduced congestion, promoted sustainable transport options, and enhanced commuter convenience in cities like Mumbai and Pune.

3. MyGate

Q1: What solutions does MyGate offer for residential communities?

  • MyGate provides security management solutions including visitor management, e-intercom, and parcel tracking through a mobile app.

Q2: How does MyGate contribute to urban security?

  • It enhances security measures in gated communities, ensuring controlled access and improved safety for residents.

Q3: How has MyGate transformed community living?

  • MyGate has digitized and streamlined residential management processes, enhancing efficiency and resident satisfaction.

4. 1mg

Q1: What services does 1mg offer in the healthcare sector?

  • 1mg is a digital health platform offering online pharmacy services, lab tests, doctor consultations, and health information.

Q2: How does 1mg improve healthcare accessibility in urban areas?

  • It provides convenient access to medicines and healthcare services through its app, promoting digital health awareness.

Q3: What are some technological innovations by 1mg?

  • 1mg utilizes AI-driven algorithms for personalized health recommendations and efficient service delivery.

5. Zoomcar

Q1: What is Zoomcar’s business model in urban mobility?

  • Zoomcar is India’s leading self-drive car rental platform, offering flexible car-sharing options through its app.

Q2: How does Zoomcar contribute to urban transport solutions?

  • It promotes shared mobility, reduces traffic congestion, and offers sustainable transport alternatives in urban areas.

Q3: What are Zoomcar’s key features for urban commuters?

  • Zoomcar provides hourly, daily, and monthly car rentals with convenient pick-up and drop-off locations across cities.

6. SmartE

Q1: What is SmartE’s focus in the urban transport sector?

  • SmartE operates electric three-wheelers (e-rickshaws) for last-mile connectivity, promoting eco-friendly urban transport solutions.

Q2: How does SmartE contribute to sustainable mobility?

  • It reduces urban pollution and carbon emissions by providing clean energy alternatives for short-distance commuting.

Q3: What impact has SmartE made on urban transportation?

  • SmartE has improved urban air quality, enhanced first and last-mile connectivity, and supported government initiatives for clean mobility.

7. Bounce (formerly WickedRide Adventure Services Pvt. Ltd.)

Q1: What services does Bounce offer in urban mobility?

  • Bounce operates dockless scooter-sharing services, providing convenient and eco-friendly transport options in cities.

Q2: How does Bounce use technology for scooter rentals?

  • It utilizes IoT and mobile apps for scooter tracking, rental bookings, and ensuring seamless user experience.

Q3: What are the benefits of using Bounce for urban commuters?

  • Bounce reduces traffic congestion, offers affordable short-distance travel solutions, and supports sustainable urban transport practices.

8. mPaani

Q1: What is mPaani’s role in urban retail?

  • mPaani operates a data-driven loyalty program that connects consumers with local retailers for personalized rewards and incentives.

Q2: How does mPaani support local businesses in urban areas?

  • It enhances customer engagement, promotes repeat purchases, and boosts sales for neighborhood retailers.

Q3: What technological advancements does mPaani employ?

  • mPaani uses AI and analytics to analyze consumer behavior, drive targeted marketing campaigns, and strengthen urban retail ecosystems.

9. PParke

Q1: What solutions does PParke offer for urban parking management?

  • PParke provides IoT-enabled smart parking solutions with real-time updates on parking availability and digital payment options.

Q2: How does PParke contribute to urban traffic management?

  • It reduces congestion, optimizes parking space utilization, and enhances user convenience through tech-driven parking solutions.

Q3: What are the benefits of using PParke’s parking management services?

  • PParke improves traffic flow, minimizes parking-related hassles, and supports sustainable urban planning initiatives.

10. Niramai

Q1: What is Niramai’s focus in the healthcare sector?

  • Niramai offers AI-powered breast cancer screening solutions using thermography for early detection and non-invasive diagnostics.

Q2: How does Niramai promote healthcare accessibility in urban areas?

  • It provides affordable and accessible breast health screening, enhancing early detection and treatment outcomes.

Q3: What are the advantages of using Niramai’s screening technology?

  • Niramai’s technology offers privacy-aware diagnostics, reduces healthcare costs, and improves health outcomes for urban women.


These top 10 smart city startups in India exemplify innovation across various sectors, from urban mobility and healthcare to security and sustainability. By leveraging technology and entrepreneurial spirit, these startups are addressing urban challenges and improving the quality of life in Indian cities. As they continue to grow and expand their influence, they play a crucial role in shaping the future of smart cities in India and beyond.

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