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UAE Real Estate Market Growth: Despite global economic challenges, the UAE’s real estate sector has shown significant resilience and growth across all segments, including residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail.

Origin Private Office’s Strategic Entry: Origin Private Office has strategically entered the UAE real estate market, focusing on luxury residential and commercial developments, leveraging the region’s favorable economic policies and infrastructure.

Policy Reforms and Sustainability: Recent policy reforms, such as the removal of the AED 1 million minimum down payment for obtaining a Golden Visa, coupled with a strong focus on sustainability, are expected to attract a broader range of investors and drive demand for premium real estate offerings.

    Origin Private Office Ventures into UAE Real Estate Scene

    The United Arab Emirates’ real estate sector is riding a wave of momentum, drawing substantial interest from investors both near and far. Despite global economic challenges, the sector has showcased resilience and vigor across all fronts, from residential to commercial, retail, and hospitality.

    In a recent turn of events, the UAE’s real estate market has displayed robust growth. Dubai, in particular, has witnessed a remarkable surge, with a staggering 51% increase in residential transactions and a 55% uptick in transaction value between January and November 2022. Foreign investors are flocking to Dubai, considering it a safe harbor amid escalating global uncertainties.

    Furthermore, 2022 saw the delivery of 38,000 residential units in Dubai, pushing the total supply to 680,000 units. Abu Dhabi followed suit with 6,000 new units, bolstering its stock to 279,000 units. The office space sector mirrored this growth, with Grade A office rents in Dubai’s Central Business District (CBD) skyrocketing by 21% annually, reaching AED 2,100 per square meter per annum. Abu Dhabi witnessed an 8% annual increase, averaging AED 1,790 per square meter per annum.

    The hospitality industry witnessed a resurgence, with occupancy rates soaring to 72% in Dubai and 69% in Abu Dhabi during the initial 11 months of 2022. Major events such as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix contributed to record-high hotel occupancy levels.

    Retail, too, experienced an upswing, with over 6,000 new contracts in Q3 2022 in Dubai, signaling a robust pipeline of retail spaces. The shift towards online shopping has propelled retailers to enhance their digital presence, further stimulating revenues in a fiercely competitive environment.

    Amidst this burgeoning landscape, Origin Private Office has announced its strategic foray into the UAE’s real estate sector. With a keen eye on high-demand segments like luxury residential and commercial developments, Origin aims to leverage the UAE’s favorable economic climate, robust infrastructure, and global connectivity to make a substantial impact.

    The recent policy reforms in the UAE, including the abolition of the AED 1 million minimum down payment for obtaining a Golden Visa through real estate investment, are poised to inject fresh vigor into the market. This move is expected to attract a broader spectrum of investors and spur demand for premium real estate offerings.

    Sustainability is also at the forefront of Origin’s agenda, aligning with national initiatives such as UAE Net Zero 2050 and the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan. Developers like ZāZEN Properties are setting new standards in sustainable development, with projects like ZāZEN Gardens in Al Furjan aiming to become the region’s first LEED Gold-certified residential development.

    The UAE’s real estate sector is undeniably flourishing, driven by robust demand across all segments. Origin Private Office’s entry into this dynamic market signifies promising prospects for both the sector and potential investors, instilling confidence in the region’s real estate landscape. With strategic policy reforms and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, the UAE is poised for continued growth and is poised to attract global real estate investments.