Bhavik Patel
Bhavik Patel
There’s no easy success and early shortcuts in life if you aren’t struggling you are not steering in the right direction. Truly said, failures are the defining moments of success that makes or breaks and people are eagerly adhering to that path, such is a true story of 23 years old young Entrepreneur Mr. Bhavik Patel.

Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1998 Bhavik Patel is the only child of the family, and by being the only child comes undivided love and overwhelming responsibilities. In his early life, Bhavik Patel studied at Albany Creek State High School and completed his basic Schooling by the time he completed his schooling at Albany Creek Bhavik Patel had decided on a future that he will be pursued on his own so he didn’t attend any university on further studies and chose to impel on that path all by himself.

As life progressed Bhavik Patel, a random boy from Albany Creek started setting his foot in the corporate world, and as of his early professional life, Bhavik Patel joined “JB Hi-Fi” One of Australia’s biggest Electronic Conglomerate and worked there from 2015 to 2017 after that he had also worked for Microsoft for a period of time in his adolescent before coming back to India with 2 of his friends to travel and to get to his roots again.

A city like Brisbane, with a population of over 1.6 million offers a lavish life that everyone dreams of attaining in one’s lifetime. This similar dream was in his eyes but then comes 2018 a period filled with hard-to-confront endeavors which forced Bhavik to even work for a  Finance Call Centre just to fulfill his end meets, but this was just a small stretch of the hardships that are yet to be conquered.

As the COVID Pandemic hit everyone worldwide cities got emptied out, nationwide lockdowns and restrictions were being imposed beautiful city life of Brisbane comes to a halt day by day, the spirit of bouncing back harder was the only thing that kept people like Bhavik moving, in the crumbling days he motivated himself and worked on rectifying his personality.

Looking at the experience gained in his school time at Albany creek made Bhavik realize some of his key lessons At the young age of 21, Bhavik Patel started working at the International Top Selling Security Camera Company as Territory Manager but soon after the turning point of his life arrived and the realization struck him that “There’s more to life than just working 9 to 5 for a company and filling their pockets, there are bigger objectives in one’s life to fulfill”.

Financial Independent was as big of a hurdle as getting Into MIT at 10, but Bhavik Patel took the charge upon himself to not only become financially stable himself but his parents too to achieve financial freedom to retire at an early age and enjoy their life, but this wasn’t an easy task for a 20-year old boy from Albany Creek.

Moving out from Brisbane to start his career in the business world Bhavik Patel first started Levelupstayz a home/room rental service in Gold Coast, Australia which went smooth for quite some time but as the 2nd Covid Wave struck and Lockdowns begins, as a result, the businesses crippled. Everyone did what they can in those hard times but this Albany boy started to provide the best of his assistance in relief work going everywhere with the help of his accommodations through Airbnb to the destitute ones.

As time goes by Bhavik Patel started exploring Brisbane’s market and within time started to get to know about the rising Marketing industry in Brisbane and learned several new skills and understood its requirements and implemented them along the way.

This was the time when he worked hard on his Marketing agency and invested his time in self-growth and skill development side by side, we all know with knowledge comes with wiseness. Bhavik Patel till this time had evolved an unparallel thinking ability compared to his age group, crucial things about money and becoming financially sustained according to Bhavik Patel were the key that propelled his career in digital marketing to new heights.

As his career now collecting a steady pace and exposure to the market Bhavik also made connections with other entrepreneurs, Creators, and Businesses alongside him to help them grow with his superior assistance in Digital Marketing.

“A Start only shines till it burns” gives us a complimentary peek at the philosophy of Bhavik’s life and with this mindset he is destined to grow and earn his place among others in the city of Sunshine Sun aka Brisbane has a lot to offer to aspiring minds like him. In a journey filled with these kinds of endeavors, we can now certainly tell that the future now holds enormous opportunities that are ready to be taped.

The Digital Marketing Agency in which Bhavik is all set to provide several multidomain facilities and strategies under one umbrella, and considering the current scenario of Digital Marketing his agency now is a one-stop solution for various businesses to increase their professional digital look and offer assistance on methodologies for which clients aspires the most.

There’s no stopping here too Bhavik’s top-of-the-line management is strengthening cooperation in service fields with the clock ticking like Website Designing, Social Media Management, Graphics, and Video Editing what more new-age businesses and creators can ask for.

Not only this the icing on the cake is the creator’s Merchandise like Clothing and other accessories can now be created with Augmented Reality with handled distribution management, yes this is as unique as it sounds and gives a huge advantage which will further strengthen the company’s portfolio in this Domain. With this wide prospectus and great knowledge of the two countries, their markets (Australia and India) and environments that are acquired over the past are now also being implemented and shared as an assistant to an Indian-based Tours and Travels Company namely Hallmark Tours and Travels.

Being aware of the situations Indians Face during migration from their homeland to Australia is thought to be a consuming process and many are afraid to do so because of this only, keeping their dreams their job-opportunities or even tourism hunger aside. The shared goal of the company is to create an Itinerary package that is budget-friendly too for the clients that repeatedly travel from India to Australia.

The next organizational objective of the company will be a remarkable Feat to achieve which is to take Australian clients on tour to India to feel mesmerizing beauty of the unexplored side of India which is much more than just the Taj Mahal.


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