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You have stumbled upon this article then I am sure you are looking for effective ways to scale your business and I am happy to say that you are reading just the material you should be spending your valuable time to identify and resolve bottlenecks you are facing!

Hi There!

This is Amit Chhabria , Founder of RecroSols – One of India’s finest digital marketing agencies that Enable Entrepreneurs to develop their Brand/s with best-in-class service availed by 1500+ other Brands Around the Globe!

And today we’ll read about some identifiers & their solutions that you can implement to get out of this marsh.

  • Identifier
    • Slow Growth Rate, We have often seen that no matter how much effort we put in we see very minimal growth despite putting in Efforts, Money & Resource!
    • Lack of expertise, Yes, We maybe have adequate experience but we do not possess the expertise needed to boost our business which often leads to dissatisfaction with the client as well.
    • Being dependent, Depending on either your colleague or someone else to help you every time you fall is not going to help, we have seen that a founder who has the best in class service/product but is very dependent on team members to push for sales has always seen a downfall.
    • Client Retention, One of the major reasons we see the massive struggle is in client retention, we may do everything in our power but at the end of the day, the client moves on to another similar vendor, ever wondered why?? Yes, maybe what you are thinking after I asked you that question is correct!!!
  • Solution
    • One Stop Shop! – Yes you read it right, Clients are usually looking for honest, transparent and knowledgeable partnerships! We often see a slow growth rate when we spend too much effort, time and money on acquisitions rather than building credibility and the best way to do it is, through testimonials and referrals – So stop right there, make a list of your swear customers and get going! Your retained and best swear customers will always help you in getting new business! They are your Growth Rate, they help you grow!
    • The curse of knowledge, we often believe that the person we are speaking to is understanding what we have to present & share and we usually assume that everyone is on the same page as I am! But my friend here’s the catch – in today’s world the attention span is small & clients prefer to be directly on point, being direct is a good practice and asking questions is the best way to move ahead and understand if everyone is on the same page
    • Social Media Promotions, Ads & Offers – it is great to have such motivators out in the market to achieve your desired results but wait a sec, have you thought about how great it would be to use social media to just pass the information than promotions, ads or running best in class discounts – etc etc, think about it, what information would you like to pass on your social channels!

There are many more things that we can discuss, if you wish to consult with me on 1 on 1 basis, you can feel free to connect with me at amit@recrosols.com

I’ll be happy to help! Thanks for reading – Looking forward to hearing from you.

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