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We at Verzeo, believe in Everything Learning and wish to help students gain hands-on experience through the various programs we offer.

It’s no secret that today’s tech-driven world is constantly changing and evolving through various advancements toward digitalization and technology.

However, College Education is unable to adapt to the constant changes in the system resulting in a gap between college education and industrial requirements.

Every problem is unsolvable until someone solves it and Verzeo aspires to be the Bridge between College Education and Industrial Requirements.

We Offer programs to students around the world through the means of technology to reach every household and to impact every aspirant ready to create their mark in the domain of their choice.

We don’t want students to be limited to the reality of today but the practicality of tomorrow. 

That’s why we’ve researched and curated a list of Skills & Careers that will be some of the highest paying and sought-after Career Options in the future like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and many more.

We Started 4 years ago from a Single Desk and now have a presence in various cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Noida, Chennai, & Vizag.

We’re over 1300+ employees strong and are helping over 10000+ students every month with the career guidance and the industrial exposure they need.

What sets us apart from an Ordinary Course?

Teachers can’t teach the leaders of tomorrow; Only Mentors can Guide them!

That’s why we have a pool of highly qualified mentors who are working professionals with years of experience in the industry.

The students in our program are taught by these mentors to help them get up to date with the industrial requirements and learn the skills required to excel in their career choice.

On top of that, we provide projects to students so they can get some hands-on experience and master the skills they’ve learned.

After all, Life is just like Mathematics, even if memorise all the formulas and you can’t solve every problem unless you have Experience!

Students also receive Certificates to help boost their Resumes. One is a Course Completion Certificate from Verzeo and another is a Co-branded Certificate from the chosen domain.

Now, if you were an HR, who would you hire, a person with industrial experience or a person without?


This is how we help our students become the ideal choice for Companies when they’re coming to hire individuals.

We weren’t alone in this Journey; we have partnered with various companies like IBM & Autodesk.

But Most of all, the trust and the reviews of students are one of the key elements that have propelled us to unimaginable heights.

Today’s Learners are Tomorrow’s Leaders! We aim to provide students with everything they need to turn their Dream Job into Reality.

Explore the Industry, Explore the Future!


Everything Learning

Website: www.verzeo.com