In recent years, India has witnessed a remarkable rise in MusicTech startups that are revolutionizing the music industry through technological innovations. These startups are leveraging the power of technology to transform how music is created, distributed, and consumed. From streaming platforms and music education to AI-powered composition tools and collaborative platforms, these startups are reshaping the landscape of the Indian music scene.

These MusicTech startups in India cater to various aspects of the music industry, providing solutions for musicians, listeners, content creators, and industry professionals. They are embracing cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to enhance music discovery, improve production processes, and create engaging user experiences.

Through their platforms and services, these startups offer a wide range of opportunities for independent artists, enabling them to gain visibility, connect with their audience, and monetize their work. They also provide tools and resources for music education, empowering aspiring musicians to learn, grow, and refine their craft.

Sounds of Innovation: Top MusicTech Startups Reshaping India’s Music Industry


Founders: Tanay Singhal, Aditya Burman, Ankit Agarwal, and Shivansh Srivastava

CEO: Tanay Singhal

Year Founded: 2020

Services: AI-powered music creation platform that allows users to create professional-grade music easily, offering a user-friendly interface, virtual instruments, and AI-generated suggestions for the creative process.


Founders: Kumar Abhishek and Vivek Kumar Singh

CEO: Kumar Abhishek

Year Founded: 2013

Services: Specializing in contactless sound-based payments, ToneTag also offers innovative music-related solutions, enabling seamless audio-based music sharing by tapping phones together.


Founder: ByteDance (Parent Company)

CEO: Sameer Singh

Year Founded: 2019

Services: Music streaming app that emphasizes social engagement and community interaction, incorporating features like lyrics integration, user-generated comments, and sharing capabilities.


Founder: Arjun Bhatia

CEO: Arjun Bhatia

Year Founded: 2020

Services: Creating AI-driven solutions for music composition and production, InfiGroove’s platform leverages machine learning algorithms to assist musicians in composing, arranging, and producing music efficiently.

Swarganga Music Foundation

Founder: Arvind Parikh

CEO: Arvind Parikh

Year Founded: N/A

Services: Aims to preserve and promote Indian classical music through technology, providing a comprehensive online repository of Indian classical music, including recordings, articles, and resources.

Moreover, these startups are fostering collaborations, breaking geographical barriers, and connecting artists and music enthusiasts on a global scale. They are redefining traditional models of music distribution and consumption by offering personalized recommendations, social engagement features, and immersive listening experiences.

With their innovative approaches and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, MusicTech startups in India are playing a significant role in shaping the future of the music industry. By embracing technology and embracing the evolving needs and preferences of music lovers, they are contributing to a more dynamic, accessible, and interconnected music ecosystem in the country.