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If Put in hard work and patience, nothing stays small in the long run. So did The RineX group. 

Something must have a start then not even the sky’s the limit. We started off with Education and currently running 6 different successful businesses in our group of businesses.  

How do we do it ?  

It is simple to put customers and end users’ satisfaction and utility in mind while working to provide the best we can.  

The devotion we put into our services and products before delivering them to our customers makes the difference. Our ethics and roles are aligned to what we promise and do. We just don’t brag about us, results say it all. 

When our founder Mr. Nuthan Jogi, thought of starting a Education company because of the fact that he noticed there was no one providing students with to fill the bridge between skills and their dream jobs.  

Having these in mind he started with RineX Education and for his love towards students and their problems it was not difficult for us to mark our position in the market. 

The businesses diversified which currently Includes-  

  • Education Technology [Bangalore and Mangalore] 
  • E-commerce [ Mumbai and Bangalore] 
  • Restaurant chain [ Bangalore and Mandya] 
  • Real Estate [ Shivamogga, Hassan& Chikkamagaluru]  
  • Import and Export [ Mangalore port] 
  • Tech Solutions [ Kolkata and Mumbai] 

RineX is an educational platform dedicated to providing best in class Mentorship and training to its students. With a view to empower the youth and build an all employable class. RineX comes to the rescue and is a partner in student growth. 

What growth is for us –  

When our students become job ready through the teachings and Mentorship which bridges the gap between Job opportunities and lack of skills. On board we try to give you a  first class experience with all inclusive facilities, so that your flight becomes Efficient and memorable.  

Our motive – 

From the beginning of time the best humans have done to themselves is learnt how to learn things. We aspire to create an online environment where students get to learn what they want and mentors get to teach how they feel will be the best for students.  

How we are best for you –  

  1. We deliver what we guarantee, Excellence.  
  2. An overall supportive and growth mindset across the platform.  

What we offer –  

Our courses have been designed in such a way that it scales a compact environment for our students and mentors, keeping growth and learning within the line. 

In Education we tend to provide our students with the best courses and mentors so there is no hindrance in their growth. We come up with regular workshops,webinars and sessions for students to join and learn new things from Industry experts. 

We have been doing it for a while and know the problems of students, with our everyday tasks we try to solve these problems. Our students are doing well in their growth and careers.  

Having a very similar perspective towards our other businesses as well we try to be as open, transparent and problem solving as we can.  

There are miles to go but we will not stop making jaws drop with our successes and advancements in all our businesses.  

Rome was not built in a day, similarly we’re building everyday. 

For more details connect to rinex.ai 

By Amit