(The Pinwheel Project Founders : Ragini Vakil, Shouger Merchant Dhoshi and Aditi Kapur)
(The Pinwheel Project Founders : Ragini Vakil, Shouger Merchant Dhoshi and Aditi Kapur)

1. How did the idea to start such an exhibition get started, and when was Pinwheel born?

The Pinwheel Project is started in 2016. When we had our children we found there to be a lack of resources and a social buying experience where one can try and discuss different products and services in the parenting space so we create Pinwheel Project with an aim for like-minded moms to come together experience and try different products and enjoy the process whilst doing so. Further, we really love supporting artisanal brands that one may not have heard of but makes fabulous products in the kids space – we curate the exhibition extensively and we ensure we have a mix of established and upcoming brands and many of these brands look forward to the sales they make at pinwheel and utilise it as a platform for them to showcase their brand.  – Shouger Merchant Doshi.

2. How did Mumbai’s premier luxury exhibition get the name “The Pinwheel Project,” and who founded it?
The Pinwheel is a popular association with children and we love pastel colours, they gel well with the children space so we created the pretty pastel pinwheel. Further, spinning a pinwheel is a fun activity which we as adults also engage in! The Pinwheel Project curated by Aditi Kapur, Ragini Vakil and myself, added Shouger Merchant Doshi.

3. Mumbai and Kolkata are marked cities, so it will now be Mumbai only, or the founders are planning for other cities as well?  

For now, it’s Mumbai and Cal, we will explore other cities if the right opportunity presents itself to us, –  Shouger Merchant.

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4.This also resembles PM Modi’s “local to vocal” initiative; has that inspired you? If yes, how?

Yes, definitely our honourable PM’s “Vocal for Local” Campaign has inspired us. In India, we have a range of indigenous brand which are superior in quality, have great aesthetic and most of all are at affordable prices. Our endeavour is to promote these brands & bring them to a larger audience, added Ragini Vakil.

5. So the evaluation of vendors is done by the 3 Mompreneurs.. What is the idea behind it…? How is it done?

Yes, the evaluation is done by three of us. We are always working towards finding innovative products with superior quality and great aesthetics.

Over the years we have developed a robust and loyal customer base which is varied geographically, in tastes and preferences, age group, budget etc. while we select products our aim is to curate a wide variety that caters to everyone. – Ragini Vakil

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6. Previously we saw it is more likely for kids essentials, what does this Christmas edit look like?

Our Christmas edit showcases over 80 brands from many parts of India across so many different categories. There will be lots of cute Christmassy items – PJs, décor, stationery, gifts etc along with formal and casual apparel, footwear, edibles and so much more.
Over the last 9 edits, a lot of moms that came through the door to shop asked us to curate stuff for moms too, so this time, for our 10th edit, along with mom and child twinning items, we also have an elaborate spread for women’s apparel, accessories, footwear and more! – Aditi Kapur

7. How many brands are involved under one roof? What is the footfall and What are the Pinwheel Project’s future goal?

We have over 80 brands in this edit!
We really feel blessed that from its very first edit, Pinwheel Project clicked with our target audience of like-minded moms and we have always had thousands of moms walk through the door edit after edit.

Our objective for each edit is two way – on one hand – for moms to find everything they need for their kids (and now even themselves) under one roof so they can shop in an easy breezy comfortable manner  – and on the other hand – for our participating brands to sell well and connect with the right target audience for their brands – we aspire to help entrepreneurs in the kids space and so many mompreneurs grow and expand their businesses.
We hope that in the future we are able to continuously fulfil these objectives in an even better and bigger way! – concluded Aditi Kapur.

When: Saturday, December 10, 2020

What: Pinwheel Project – The Christmas Edit

Where: Blue Sea, Worli

Timings: 11 am to 8 pm, with an exclusive preview from 10-11 am

Entry: Free