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As much as outfits, make-up is an integral part of a bride’s look. It is very vital for the brides to feel the best selves on their D-day. And to help the brides look their best, Manama studio ensures to personalize this experience for the bride.

A teacher by profession and makeup artist by passion, Sujatha Nandakumar is the proud owner of Manama Studio. Sujatha’s professionalism and attention to detail for the past 30 years as an ace makeup artist, have won her a mammoth of clients, especially brides who trust her for her phenomenal skills. 

Before acquiring professional talents and receiving recognition and rewards, I have always been into makeup and enjoyed dressing up with my friends and family, recalls Sujatha. She remembers how this helped lay the groundwork for her future job as a makeup artist.

Originally from Calicut, Sujatha has been travelling Pan India to do who she loves. Her passion for this has led her daughters Amrita Nandakumar and Saranya Nandakumar to join in a similar journey of making brides look beautiful. Sujatha’s elder daughter, Amrita Nandakumar is an MBA Graduate who loves to do different and creative things. Just like her mother, she chose her passion over her profession. With an intent to make others look beautiful, she started her journey as an International Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur. She is also the owner of Manama Bridal Couture. Younger Daughter Dr Saranya Nandakumar is a Medical Cosmetologist and Cosmetic Dental Consultant at Manama Cosmetic Dent Care Clinic and also a makeup artist passionately. She ensures that the bride’s skin looks flawless and they smile more beautifully on their big day. 

With wedding season around the corner, Manama studio suggested up top three trends that are going to rule this season-

  • Glass Skin Makeup
  • Bold Eye Makeup paired with nude lips.
  • Dewy glow look. 

This work is not only a professional choice but is also regarded as an art form that requires dedication and effort to master. They work closely with the brides to understand the kind of look they want and to give them the makeover they desire.

The powerhouse trio – Sujatha and her two daughters share their ultimate goal of making Manama the biggest and most reliable name in the bridal industry.