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kamakshipeetam plays key role to poor people. A small help to needy people can be of great use. Their empty stomach can be fed.

•Children who lost parents due to Covid-19

•People who depend on daily wages

•Orphanages, homes, and other people who are in need of food and shelter

•Aged persons (Beggars) who are unable to have a single meal of the day.

We request you to kindly support us in helping these people as they don’t have any other source.

We need your help to accomplish this. Your donation will help us to help more needy people.

We are trying to provide dry rations to needy families. As you know this pandemic has affected many laborers, daily wage workers & small-scale businessmen.

Free and healthy food especially for poor women and kids

This program is created with an honest and sincere intention to feed the underprivileged community to eradicate hunger and create a permanent feeling that they have a place that will just feed them without any ifs and buts.

The project is to improve the educational status of poor children. The specific objectives of the project are to initiate the community to advocate for the support and education of poor children, to increase the enrolment of students in school, to increase the access of poor children to education, to change the life condition of poor children through education and to empower the households of poor children economically. For more details visit www.kamakshipeetam.com