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A dream company for some, when it’s confusing and so disappointing to go through so many websites and apps in search of jobs with your rippling resumes and come out with no response from recruiters? At rmw India, it couldn’t get any easier through their expert reach and professional sourcing, that helps their clients to match their rightful career or job choice.

Founded by CEO Pawan Chhikara in 2019, this firm is an extravagant yet subtle recruiting firm for individuals to find whatever they have been looking for in a job.

One of India’s leading recruiting firms, w India provides their substantial services through jobs listing, job packages finder for new jobs, or employer listings for their job style grids. Be it automated jobs, accounting, finance, telecommunications or training in food culture, restaurant services, construction, sales, marketing and health care one can effortlessly find quick links for their automated job search through their platform.

With 123,012 jobs added, 187,432 active resumes, 140,312 positions matched with their rightful and fitting candidate, Rmw India has paired with companies such as Alphacolor, Fashion, TheOne, Power Source, Ideas Storm, Guru Photography, Dog Show, Travel Look book, Studio, Herbal, Trade Plus, Beauty Spa, Sushi Express, Fashion, Dog Care and Secure Nature.

Based in Dwarka in Delhi, India, this elite firm has worked to bring their clients best possible matches of employees and candidates, that form a mutualistic symposium with themselves.

For a better career path, we are often advised to aim higher, reach further and to dream even bigger, which is what Rmw India’s vision is based on. This franchise is our one step towards grabbing what’s ours, fulfilling our financial, academic and vocational requirements.