What made you to name it “Nasher Miles”? Your first thought on it? 

The Name Nasher, is derived from the Persian word “Nasher Kardan” meaning to publish. The word “Miles” underlines every mile of the journey of a traveller. The term “Nasher Miles” together refers to a promise of bringing to the world, real travel experiences. When a passion for travel, quality and the finest service is interwoven, you come away with a Nasher Miles experience.

How is Nasher Miles better than the generation years old language bags competitors? 

Nasher Miles was launched in October, 2017. A few years ago, on an international terminal waiting for our luggage on the baggage belt, we realized how monotonous every bag looked. This seemed like an opportunity to break clutter and led to the creation of a brand that is driven by nothing but innovation.

Colours and design is central to every new collection we launch. Any new collection is launched in over 5 colour. We play heavily on pastels. Istanbul, our dual coloured luggage, is our signature collection.

Our bags are made using durable materials and are priced for the value seeking Indian consumer. A majority of our collections come with a lifetime warranty on the shell. 

We got to know Nasher Bags have great quality check of Unbreakable Shell? Is it true and how? 

A majority of our bags are made from 100% polypropylene. A key property of this material is that it is not susceptible to cracking, even when severe pressure is applied. This resilient material makes the shell of the bag nearly unbreakable.

All our bags undergo a series of tests to ensure that the best quality is going to the customer. The product has been put through rigorous tests which have been conducted is as below 1) Drop Test-Fully loaded luggage (upto 25kgs) is dropped on all sides and corners from a height of 1 meter 2) Handle Jolt Test-Handles are tested for 20,000 cycles in fully loaded condition (upto 25kgs) 3) Tumble test-Fully loaded luggage (upto 25kgs) is tumbled for 20 cycles-above 100 random impacts 4) Handle Oscillation Tests-Handles are swung for 10,000 cycles in fully loaded condition 5) Lock Test-Locks are opened and shut for approximately 5000 times 6) Zipper Test-Zippered are open and closed 1000 times 7) Rolling Road Test-Fully Loaded Luggage (upto 25kgs) is rolled on various surface for over 2 km 8) Salt Spray Test-Luggage parts are tested for oxidation resistance by exposing to 24 hrs of direct salt spray 9) Shoulder Strap Jolt Test-Shoulder strap is tested for 20,000 cycles in fully loaded condition (upto 25kgs) 10) Tensile Test-Material, seams and zips are tested up to a tearing force of 240kgs

You have named some of your Collections by city and places names? How the idea strikes? 

We are 3 co-founders who all love travelling. When we started designing our bags, we decided to take inspiration from countries and cities we have visited and loved.

Are you guys planning for any new launches, how you take care of quality, warranty for the travel lovers? 

We are working on our new launches for 2023. We want to expand our signature dual coloured product options. We are also focussing on bringing back soft luggage and backpacks in a big way.

Nasher Miles is functioning in India ? If not then which all country’s have you reached and planning to expand? 

We have only scratched the surface when it comes to the Indian market. We aren’t look at other geographies for now.

Any key message to the travellers across world from you “Nasher Miles”? 

Keep the travel bug alive. To travel is how one learns and grows!