InsurTech startups in India are focused on addressing various pain points in the insurance sector, including complex and time-consuming processes, lack of transparency, limited product options, and difficulties in customer engagement. By leveraging technology, these startups aim to simplify insurance operations, improve customer experience, and promote financial inclusion by reaching underserved segments of the population.

These InsurTech startups offer a wide range of innovative solutions across different insurance domains, including health insurance, motor insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, and more. They provide online platforms and mobile applications that enable users to compare policies, purchase insurance plans, file claims, and access personalized recommendations based on their unique requirements.

“InsurTech Trailblazers: Exploring India’s Top 10 Startups Reshaping the Insurance Sector”


Founder: Anik Jain, Ashish Kapoor, Pavan Sabharwal

CEO: Anik Jain

Year: 2017

Impact: Symbo is an InsurTech company that offers insurance brokerage and risk management services. It provides customized insurance solutions for individuals and businesses, leveraging technology to streamline the insurance buying process.

Services: Insurance brokerage, risk management

Targeted Audience: Individuals and businesses seeking insurance coverage and risk management solutions.

Insurtech Gateway India

Founder: Simon Phipps, Stephen Brittain

CEO: Simon Phipps

Year: 2020

Impact: Insurtech Gateway India is an InsurTech accelerator and incubator program. It supports early-stage InsurTech startups by providing them with mentorship, funding, and access to industry expertise.

Services: Accelerator and incubator program for InsurTech startups

Targeted Audience: Early-stage InsurTech startups in India.

Aye Finance

Founder: Sanjay Sharma, Vikram Jetley

CEO: Sanjay Sharma

Year: 2014

Impact: Aye Finance is a fintech company that provides innovative financial products and services to micro and small enterprises (MSEs). While primarily focused on lending, they also offer insurance solutions tailored to MSEs.

Services: Micro and small enterprise lending, insurance solutions

Targeted Audience: Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) seeking financial and insurance services.


Founder: Narayan Neelakantan

CEO: Narayan Neelakantan

Year: 2016

Impact: Quickinsure is an online insurance aggregator platform that enables customers to compare and purchase insurance policies across various categories. They provide a simplified and user-friendly experience for insurance buyers.

Services: Insurance aggregation and comparison

Targeted Audience: Individuals and businesses seeking insurance coverage.

Aon Insurance Managers

Founder: N/A


Year: N/A

Impact: Aon Insurance Managers is part of the global Aon corporation and provides risk management and insurance solutions to businesses. They offer services such as captive insurance management, risk consulting, and insurance program design.

Services: Risk management, insurance solutions

Targeted Audience: Businesses seeking risk management and insurance services.

Easy Policy

Founder: Alok Bhatnagar

CEO: Alok Bhatnagar

Year: 2011

Impact: Easy Policy is an online insurance comparison and purchase platform. They offer a wide range of insurance products, including life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, and more.

Services: Insurance comparison and purchase

Targeted Audience: Individuals and businesses seeking insurance coverage.


Founder: Abhijeet Singh

CEO: Abhijeet Singh

Year: 2016

Impact: SureClaim is a technology-driven claims assistance company. They provide end-to-end claims management services and help individuals and businesses navigate the claims process for insurance policies.

Services: Claims assistance, claims management

Targeted Audience: Individuals and businesses filing insurance claims.

Insurance Samadhan

Founder: Anuj Aggarwal, Upendra Joshi

CEO: Upendra Joshi

Year: 2016

Impact: Insurance Samadhan is a consumer-focused InsurTech company. They assist policyholders in resolving insurance-related grievances and disputes, offering guidance and support throughout the process.

Services: Insurance grievance resolution

Targeted Audience: Individuals facing insurance-related grievances and disputes.


Founder: Balachander Sekhar, Indraneel Chatterjee

CEO: Balachander Sekhar

Year: 2015

Impact: ReNewBuy is an online insurance platform that allows customers to compare and purchase insurance policies. They offer a wide range of insurance products, including motor insurance, health insurance, and more.

Services: Insurance comparison and purchase

Targeted Audience: Individuals and businesses seeking insurance coverage.


Founder: Suvendu Prusty, Sorabh Bhandari

CEO: Suvendu Prusty

Year: 2018

Impact: Riskcovry is an InsurTech startup that provides a modular and customizable insurance platform. It enables businesses to offer innovative insurance products and services to their customers through digital channels.

Services: Insurance platform for businesses

Targeted Audience: Businesses looking to offer insurance products to their customers.

In addition to disrupting traditional insurance models, InsurTech startups in India are also collaborating with established insurance companies to drive digital transformation and enhance their operational capabilities. These partnerships often involve leveraging the startups’ technology expertise and agility while benefiting from the insurers’ industry experience and customer base.

Overall, InsurTech startups in India are playing a crucial role in reshaping the insurance landscape by introducing innovative products, improving accessibility, and transforming the customer experience. Their efforts are driving greater efficiency, transparency, and convenience in the insurance industry, ultimately benefiting both insurers and policyholders.