Every year many ideas from different minds come into the market with a new startup. There are many startups launched but most of them have not developed well due to lack of proper implementation of the idea, lack of services or product, customer dissatisfaction, marketing failure, lack of investment, etc.

But still, their many startups who launched their idea in the market, and not they are running very well. Voxya is also an example of the best idea implemented and now it becomes more popular among consumers across India.

What is Voxya?

Voxya is an online consumer complaint platform that helps consumers to fight against consumer fraud or online fraud to resolve consumer complaints with an optimal solution. It helps consumers to get back a refund, replacement of product or services, return or compensation from the company or the seller. A consumer can raise their voice using voxya an online consumer complaint forum and recover their damages or loss from the company or the seller.

What is the idea of Voxya?

The main idea of Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum to help those consumers who become a victim of consumer fraud or online fraud and tried their best in resolving their complaints but were unable to get any response or resolution from the company. Voxya helps those frustrated consumers and bring smiles to their face.

What are the services of Voxya?

Voxya, a startup which provides a 24/7 consumer complaint platform that is available online. A consumer can access this platform from anywhere anytime to file a complaint online to file a complaint against the company. Using the following services, it resolves consumer complaints:

Social Media Campaign: It starts a social media campaign for the maximum impact of consumer complaints. It is an absolutely Free service of voxya.

Send an email to the company: It sends an email to the company and tries to resolve consumer complaints amicably. It is also an absolutely Free service of voxya.

Send Legal Notice: It will draft and send legal notice to the company and also send a copy to the consumer address. It is paid service of Voxya.

Go to consumer court: It helps consumers to approach consumer court and prepare all documents and evidence to submit consumer a case in consumer court. It is also a paid service of Voxya.

What are the charges of Voxya?

Voxya charges are given as below:

1. Basic Services are Free.

2. Draft and Send Legal Notice To Company: Rs.999/- Only

3. Draft and Send Legal Notice To Company + prepare consumer cases to be submitted in consumer court: Rs.1499/- only.

Why it is the fastest growing startup in India?

Voxya deals with consumer complaints and helps consumers in sending a legal notice to the company or the seller and helps the consumer to approach consumer court at a very affordable and honest price. Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum trusted by 93,000+ consumers across India.

Which type of complaints Voxya resolve?

Voxya a leading startup dealing with the following complaints: Airline Complaints, Banking Complaints, Postal Complaints, Medical Complaints, Travel Complaints, Telecom Complaints, E-commerce Complaints, Insurance Complaints, Real Estate Complaints, Home Appliances Complaints, Electricity Complaints, Government Complaints, LPG / Petroleum Complaints, Food Safety Complaints, Mobile / Laptop Complaints, Automobiles Complaints, Education Complaints, Job/Employment, complaints, ISP Complaints, D2H Complaints, etc.

Recently, we launched our brand new Voxya mobile app, now you can speak to file a consumer complaint at Voxya within a few minutes.



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By Amit