India's Burgeoning Unicorn Club: A Growing List of 108 Promising Startups

India’s startup ecosystem is witnessing a remarkable surge in the number of unicorn companies, with a current count of 108 and counting. These “unicorns,” privately held startups valued at over $1 billion, symbolize the country’s vibrant entrepreneurial landscape and its potential for innovation and growth. This article presents an overview of India’s expanding unicorn club, highlighting some of the notable companies that have achieved this prestigious milestone.


CompanyFoundersIndustryFoundedValuation (USD)
Byju’sByju Raveendran, Divya GokunathEdTech200822.1 billion
Ola Electric MobilityBhavish Aggarwal, Anand Shah, Ankit JainElectric Vehicles20197.0 billion
MeeshoVidit Aatrey, Sanjeev BarnwalE-commerce20154.9 billion
Pine LabsAmrish Rau, Ajay Shekhar, Lokvir KapoorPayments20116.7 billion
ZomatoDeepinder Goyal, Gaurav Gupta, Pankaj ChaddahFood Delivery200810.9 billion
FlipkartSachin Bansal, Binny BansalE-commerce200737.6 billion
CredKunal ShahFinTech20182.2 billion
UdaanAmod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta, Sujeet KumarB2B Marketplace20163.8 billion
DelhiverySahil Barua, Mohit Bhatnagar, Binny BansalLogistics20113.9 billion
PolicyBazaarYashish Dahiya, Alok BansalInsurance20086.5 billion
Digital InsuranceKamesh Goyal, Prem WatsaInsurance201611.1 billion
SwiggyNandan Nilekani, Rahul JaiminiFood Delivery201110.7 billion
FreshworksGirish Mathrubootham, Shan KrishnasamySaaS201010.3 billion
PharmEasyDharmil Sheth, Siddharth Shah, Harsha MajetyHealthcare20156.6 billion
Cars24Vikram Chopra, Mayank Jain, Gaurav MunjalAuto20153.3 billion
CureFitMukesh Bansal, Ankit NagoriHealthcare20164.5 billion
BrowserStackRitesh Agarwal, Harish AneySaaS20114.0 billion
ZetaBhavin Turakhia, Ramki GaddipatiFinTech20155.3 billion
MindTickleSarvjeet Singh, Abhishek SinghSaaS20113.2 billion
DealShareVineet Rao, Ankit Agarwal, Rajat SethiE-commerce20185.1 billion
ElasticRunSandeep Deshmukh, Prashant SinghE-commerce20163.7 billion
MobiKwikBipin Preet Singh, Upasana TakuFinTech20092.8 billion
LiciousVivek Gupta, Abhay Hanjura, Mukesh BansalFoodtech20155.1 billion
CredAvenueSumit Gupta, Mayank Malhotra, Ashish MohapatraFinTech20184.0 billion
AmagiSaurabh Gupta, Niraj Aggarwal, Ankit AggarwalSaaS20122.2 billion
EruditusGaurav Munjal, Roman SainiEdTech20123.0 billion
UniphoreP. Soundararajan, Umesh SachdevAI20082.9 billion
HasuraTanmai Gopal, Rajoshi GhoshSaaS2017N/A
HasuraHasura teamSaaS20162.1 billion
DarwinboxRohit Chanana, Sahil BarotHR Tech20152.1 billion
5irePratik Jain, Prashant JaiswalBlockchain20195.0 billion
LeadSquaredNilesh Patel, Prashant SinghSaaS20131.8 billion
OfBusinessAshneer GroverB2B Marketplace201510.0 billion
MamaearthVarun Alagh, Ghazal AlaghPersonal Care20162.0 billion
GlanceNaveen Tewari, Samir ModiAI-powered lockscreen20175.0 billion
UpstoxRavi Kumar, Saurabh MaheshwariFinTech20111.8 billion
SliceRajan Bajaj, Abhishek BansalFinTech20161.5 billion
BlackBuckRajesh Y. Agarwal, Vikas AgnihotriLogistics20151.5 billion
CommerceIQAnanth Narayanan, Akshay DhandRetail Tech20131.1 billion
GamezopAnirudh Jain, Ashwin SureshGaming20091.1 billion
PurplleManish Taneja, Rahul TanejaBeauty20121.5 billion
LivspaceRamakant Sharma, Anuj SrivastavaHome Interiors20153.0 billion
XpressBeesAmrish Rau, Inderjit SinghLogistics20131.2 billion
ZetwerkAmrit Acharya, Srinath RamasubramanianManufacturing20182.5 billion
OpenAnkit Bhatia, Abhinav ChaturvediFinTech20161.1 billion
PhysicsWallahAlakh PandeyEdTech20151.1 billion
VedantuSalil Bhatia, Vamsi KrishnaEdTech20118.0 billion
Tata NeuTata GroupSuper App20222.0 billion
OneCardAnup Jain, Sumeet SinghFinTech20181.0 billion
5paisaNithin KamathFinTech20091.0 billion
Cure.fitMukesh Bansal, Ankit NagoriHealthcare20163.6 billion
Zee5Subhash Chandra, Punit GoenkaOTT20081.5 billion
CrowdfireNaveen TewariSocial Media20101.0 billion
ShareChatAnkush Sachdeva, Farid AhsanSocial Media20153.7 billion
Urban CompanyAmit Agarwal, Abhiraj SinghHome Services20144.5 billion
DroomSandeep AggarwalAuto20142.0 billion
MonzoZac Birch, Jason BatesFinTech20151.5 billion
GoMechanicAmit Jain, Nikhil JainAuto20151.0 billion
InstamojoAkash Sinha, Sampad SwainPayments20121.0 billion
MFineAshutosh Ladhani, Sameer PuranikHealthcare20171.0 billion
Tata DigitalTata GroupE-commerce202110.0 billion
ApnaNirav Choksi, Sumit KhandelwalFinTech20191.0 billion
Elara HealthArvind LalHealthcare20161.0 billion
OkCreditGaurav Jalan, Pallav JainFinTech20161.0 billion
StealthPrashant Singh, Nilesh PatelSaaS20151.0 billion
BharatPeAshneer Grover, Shashank Bansal, Bhavik KoladiyaFinTech20182.5 billion
Kinetic GreenSandeep Upadhyay, Ajay UpadhyayRenewable Energy20141.0 billion
UnacademyGaurav Munjal, Roman SainiEdTech20153.4 billion
OYORitesh AgarwalHospitality20139.5 billion
Jio PlatformsMukesh AmbaniTelecom200797.0 billion
ZohoSridhar Vembu, TA KrishnanSaaS199613.9 billion
OlaBhavish Aggarwal, Ankit BhatiMobility20106.5 billion

The Unicorns of India:

The Indian startup ecosystem has seen an extraordinary rise in the number of unicorns across various sectors. From e-commerce and fintech to edtech and healthcare, these companies have disrupted traditional industries and attracted significant investor interest. Their success stories have not only contributed to the economy but have also inspired aspiring entrepreneurs to chase their dreams.

Notable Unicorn Companies:

  1. Flipkart: Flipkart, founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, is India’s leading e-commerce platform. It revolutionized the country’s online shopping landscape and played a pivotal role in popularizing e-commerce among Indian consumers. Offering a wide range of products across various categories, Flipkart’s user-friendly platform, competitive pricing, and reliable delivery network have garnered immense popularity. In 2018, Walmart acquired a majority stake in Flipkart, further boosting its growth and market presence. With its innovative approach and customer-centric focus, Flipkart continues to be a trailblazer in India’s e-commerce industry, shaping the way Indians shop online.
  2. Paytm: Paytm is a leading digital payment and e-wallet platform in India. Founded in 2010, it has revolutionized the way transactions are conducted in the country. Paytm offers a convenient and secure platform for users to make online payments, recharge mobiles, pay bills, book tickets, and more. With its user-friendly interface and widespread adoption, Paytm has become a household name and a preferred choice for cashless transactions. The company’s success has been fueled by its continuous innovation, strategic partnerships, and commitment to providing a seamless payment experience. Paytm’s contributions have played a significant role in driving the digital payment revolution in India.
  3. Byju’s: Byju’s, an Indian edtech unicorn, has revolutionized the education landscape with its innovative learning platform. Founded by Byju Raveendran in 2011, Byju’s offers engaging and personalized online courses for students from kindergarten to higher education. Its adaptive learning approach, interactive videos, and comprehensive study materials have garnered immense popularity among learners. With a user base of millions, Byju’s has become a go-to platform for students seeking quality education outside the traditional classroom setting. The company’s vision to make learning accessible, enjoyable, and effective has propelled its growth, making it a leading player in the global edtech market.
  4. Ola: Ola, founded in 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, is India’s leading ride-hailing platform. With a user-friendly app and a vast network of drivers, Ola has disrupted the transportation industry in India. Offering a range of services from affordable rides to luxury cars, Ola has become synonymous with convenient and reliable transportation for millions of users. Expanding beyond ride-sharing, Ola has ventured into electric mobility and food delivery, diversifying its offerings. With continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach, Ola has cemented its position as a key player in the Indian startup ecosystem and is poised for further growth in the evolving mobility landscape.
  5. Zomato: Zomato is a leading food delivery and restaurant discovery platform in India. Founded in 2008, it has revolutionized the way people order food and explore dining options. With its user-friendly app and website, Zomato connects millions of users to a vast network of restaurants, offering seamless ordering experiences and convenient delivery services. It provides comprehensive information about restaurants, including menus, reviews, and ratings, empowering users to make informed choices. Zomato’s success can be attributed to its wide coverage, strong partnerships with restaurants, and a customer-centric approach. As a key player in the food-tech industry, Zomato continues to reshape the dining experience and expand its services globally..
  6. Policy bazaar: Policy bazaar is a leading online insurance marketplace in India. It offers a platform that allows users to compare and purchase insurance policies from multiple providers. With its user-friendly interface and extensive range of insurance options, Policy bazaar has simplified the insurance buying process for consumers. The company has played a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion by making insurance accessible to a wider population. Policy bazaar’s innovative approach and customer-centric focus have propelled its growth, making it a significant player in the insurance industry. Through its platform, Policy bazaar continues to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their insurance needs.
  7. PhysicsWallah is an online educational platform founded by renowned physics teacher, Alakh Pandey. It aims to make quality education accessible to all students, especially those preparing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET. PhysicsWallah offers comprehensive video lectures, study materials, and practice tests to help students grasp complex physics concepts effectively. Alakh Pandey’s engaging teaching style, simplified explanations, and dedication to student success have garnered a massive following on various social media platforms. PhysicsWallah has emerged as a trusted resource for students seeking high-quality physics education, empowering them to achieve their academic goals and excel in their exams.
  8. LeadSquared is a leading customer acquisition and engagement platform that helps businesses automate and optimize their sales and marketing processes. Founded in 2011, LeadSquared provides a comprehensive suite of tools for lead management, marketing automation, sales productivity, and analytics. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, LeadSquared enables businesses to effectively capture, nurture, and convert leads into loyal customers. The platform integrates seamlessly with various CRM systems, empowering companies to streamline their sales funnel, improve conversion rates, and drive revenue growth. LeadSquared’s innovative solutions have garnered recognition and trust from a wide range of industries, making it a preferred choice for businesses seeking scalable and efficient customer acquisition strategies.
  9. ElasticRun is an Indian technology-driven logistics platform that connects small-scale businesses to a network of local stores. Founded in 2015, ElasticRun leverages a unique asset-light model, utilizing existing infrastructure to offer efficient last-mile delivery and fulfillment services. The platform provides a cost-effective solution for businesses to reach customers in remote areas, enabling them to expand their market reach. ElasticRun’s innovative approach, powered by data analytics and machine learning, optimizes logistics operations, reducing delivery costs and improving service quality. With its disruptive business model and focus on enabling small businesses, ElasticRun has gained significant recognition in India’s logistics industry.
  10. LEAD School is an innovative education technology startup based in India. It offers a comprehensive and integrated school management program that combines curriculum, teaching resources, and assessments to provide a holistic learning experience. The platform caters to K-12 schools, helping them deliver quality education using technology-enabled tools and resources. LEAD School’s solution includes a blended learning model, teacher training, personalized student assessments, and parent engagement features. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, LEAD School aims to empower schools and educators to deliver high-quality education and improve learning outcomes for students across India.
  11. Purplle is a leading beauty and personal care e-commerce platform in India. Founded in 2011, it offers a wide range of beauty products, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and wellness essentials. With a user-friendly interface and curated product selection, Purplle has gained popularity among Indian consumers seeking quality beauty products at affordable prices. The platform provides a seamless shopping experience with secure payment options, quick delivery, and customer support. Purplle’s success can be attributed to its strong brand partnerships, extensive product offerings, and commitment to customer satisfaction. It has emerged as a go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts, making beauty accessible to all.
  12. DealShare is an Indian e-commerce startup that focuses on offering affordable daily essentials to lower-income consumers in smaller towns and cities. Founded in 2018, DealShare operates on a social-commerce model, leveraging WhatsApp groups and other social media platforms to connect with customers. The platform offers a wide range of products including groceries, household items, personal care products, and more. With its focus on offering competitive prices, engaging customers through gamification and referral programs, and leveraging group buying power, DealShare has quickly gained popularity. The startup has raised significant funding and aims to further expand its operations and reach across India’s untapped markets.
  13. Xpressbees is a leading logistics and supply chain solutions provider in India. Founded in 2015, the company offers end-to-end e-commerce logistics services, including last-mile delivery, reverse logistics, warehousing, and more. Xpressbees’ advanced technology-driven approach, extensive delivery network, and focus on customer satisfaction have helped it become a trusted partner for numerous e-commerce companies. With a strong presence across the country, Xpressbees plays a vital role in enabling seamless and efficient e-commerce operations, contributing to the growth of the online retail industry in India. The company continues to innovate and expand its services to meet the evolving needs of the dynamic e-commerce landscape.
  14. OpenAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research organization that aims to ensure that AI benefits all of humanity. Founded in 2015, OpenAI focuses on developing advanced AI models and technologies while emphasizing ethical considerations and safety precautions. The organization has made significant contributions to the field of AI, including the development of the influential GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language models. OpenAI promotes openness and collaboration, actively publishing research papers and releasing AI models to foster innovation and knowledge sharing. By striving for responsible AI development and accessibility, OpenAI plays a vital role in shaping the future of artificial intelligence for the benefit of society.
  15. Games24x7 is an Indian gaming company that has made significant contributions to the country’s gaming industry. Founded in 2006, the company is known for developing and operating skill-based games, including rummy and fantasy sports. Games24x7 has successfully created engaging and immersive gaming experiences, attracting a large user base and gaining recognition as a leader in the gaming space. With a focus on innovation and user satisfaction, the company continues to expand its offerings and explore new opportunities in the rapidly growing Indian gaming market, contributing to the overall growth and development of the industry.
  16. Amagi is a leading cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted advertising company headquartered in Bangalore, India. Founded in 2008, Amagi enables broadcasters to manage and distribute their content seamlessly across traditional TV and digital platforms. The company’s innovative cloud-based solutions provide broadcasters with cost-effective and scalable alternatives to traditional broadcast infrastructure. Amagi’s targeted advertising platform allows advertisers to reach specific audiences with personalized ads, enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. With a strong presence in over 40 countries, Amagi continues to revolutionize the broadcasting industry, empowering broadcasters and advertisers with advanced technology solutions for content delivery and monetization.
  17. Fractal Analytics is a leading global provider of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. Established in 2000, the company specializes in leveraging data and technology to enable businesses to make data-driven decisions. With expertise in areas such as customer analytics, AI-driven forecasting, and risk management, Fractal Analytics serves clients across industries including finance, healthcare, retail, and technology. The company’s innovative solutions, powered by cutting-edge technologies, help organizations unlock the full potential of their data and gain actionable insights to drive growth and competitive advantage. Fractal Analytics continues to be a trusted partner for companies seeking to harness the power of analytics in today’s data-driven world.
  18. Darwinbox is a fast-growing Indian HR technology startup that offers a comprehensive and innovative cloud-based HR management platform. Founded in 2015, Darwinbox provides end-to-end solutions for talent acquisition, employee engagement, performance management, and more. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features have gained popularity among organizations of all sizes, helping them streamline HR processes and enhance employee experiences. With a focus on data-driven insights and automation, Darwinbox is empowering businesses to transform their HR operations and drive overall organizational success.
  19. Livspace is an innovative home interior design and renovation platform based in India. Founded in 2014, it offers end-to-end solutions for homeowners, including personalized design consultations, curated product selection, and project execution. Livspace leverages technology and a network of skilled professionals to simplify the home design process and deliver quality results. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Livspace has gained popularity for its seamless user experience and ability to transform living spaces. The company has raised significant funding and has expanded its operations to multiple cities, solidifying its position as a leading player in the home interior design industry.
  20. Uniphore is a leading conversational AI technology company based in India. It specializes in providing customer service automation solutions through its advanced speech recognition and natural language processing technologies. Uniphore’s innovative platform enables businesses to deliver personalized and seamless customer experiences across various communication channels, including voice and chat. With its cutting-edge AI capabilities, Uniphore has garnered global recognition and has attracted significant investments. The company’s solutions have been adopted by major enterprises worldwide, empowering them to enhance customer engagement, improve operational efficiency, and drive business growth in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  21. Hasura is a highly regarded Indian startup that specializes in providing an open-source data platform for application developers. Founded in 2017, Hasura offers a GraphQL engine that simplifies the process of building scalable and real-time applications. With its powerful tools and infrastructure, Hasura enables developers to access and manipulate data from multiple sources effortlessly. The company has gained recognition for its ability to streamline development workflows, enhance collaboration, and accelerate application deployment. Backed by prominent investors, Hasura continues to innovate and empower developers worldwide, solidifying its position as a leading player in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.
  22. Yubi, formerly known as CredAvenue, is a leading fintech platform in India that focuses on facilitating credit access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Through its innovative technology and data-driven approach, Yubi aims to bridge the credit gap and provide financial solutions to underserved businesses. The platform offers a range of services, including loan origination, credit assessment, and risk management, empowering SMEs to secure timely and affordable financing. Yubi’s digital infrastructure and partnerships with banks and financial institutions contribute to its mission of enabling financial inclusion and driving the growth of India’s vibrant SME sector.
  23. CommerceIQ is an AI-powered platform that enables consumer brands to optimize their e-commerce operations and drive growth on online marketplaces. With advanced machine learning algorithms, it automates and streamlines various tasks such as demand forecasting, inventory management, advertising optimization, and pricing optimization. By leveraging data-driven insights, CommerceIQ helps brands make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and enhance their overall online presence. Through its comprehensive suite of tools, CommerceIQ empowers brands to navigate the dynamic e-commerce landscape, seize market opportunities, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, ultimately leading to increased sales and market share.
  24. Oxyzo is a promising healthtech startup that aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry through its innovative solutions. With a focus on improving patient care and outcomes, Oxyzo leverages advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide personalized healthcare services. The company offers a range of products and services, including remote patient monitoring, telehealth consultations, and data analytics, enabling healthcare providers to deliver efficient and effective care. Oxyzo’s mission is to enhance access to quality healthcare, optimize medical resources, and empower patients to take control of their health. With its cutting-edge approach, Oxyzo is poised to make a significant impact in the healthcare sector.
  25. OneCard is a fintech startup based in India that offers a modern, all-in-one credit card and mobile banking experience. With its sleek design and advanced features, OneCard aims to simplify and revolutionize the way people manage their finances. The card combines multiple cards into a single physical card and provides a comprehensive mobile app for seamless control and tracking of expenses. OneCard offers features like real-time expense tracking, instant rewards, and personalized budgeting tools. With its user-friendly interface and innovative approach, OneCard is redefining the credit card experience, providing convenience and flexibility to users in the digital age.
  26. Moglix is an Indian startup that has emerged as a leading B2B e-commerce platform for industrial goods and supplies. Founded by Rahul Garg in 2015, Moglix aims to digitize and streamline the traditional supply chain processes for businesses. With its innovative technology and extensive supplier network, Moglix offers a wide range of industrial products, including electricals, safety equipment, and machinery, to businesses across sectors. The company’s user-friendly platform, efficient logistics, and transparent pricing have earned it recognition and support from investors. Moglix’s continued growth and success highlight its contribution to the digital transformation of India’s manufacturing and supply chain industries.
  27. NoBroker is a disruptive proptech startup based in India. It offers an online platform that connects property owners directly with potential tenants and buyers, eliminating the need for middlemen and brokerage fees. NoBroker leverages technology, data analytics, and AI algorithms to provide a seamless and transparent experience in property transactions. The platform enables users to search and list properties, schedule visits, negotiate deals, and complete transactions securely. With its innovative approach, NoBroker has gained significant popularity and disrupted the traditional real estate market in India, providing cost-effective and efficient solutions for property seekers and owners.
  28. MobiKwik is an Indian digital payments platform founded in 2009. It offers a wide range of services, including mobile recharges, bill payments, ticket bookings, and digital wallet transactions. MobiKwik’s user-friendly interface and secure payment options have gained popularity among millions of users in India. The platform enables seamless transactions and cashless payments, contributing to the country’s digital revolution. MobiKwik has also expanded its services to include lending and insurance, further diversifying its offerings. With its innovative solutions and commitment to financial inclusion, MobiKwik continues to play a significant role in shaping India’s digital payments landscape.
  29. Spinny is a popular Indian online marketplace for buying and selling used cars. Founded in 2015, Spinny has emerged as a trusted platform that offers a transparent and hassle-free car buying experience. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Spinny conducts thorough inspections and provides detailed reports on the condition of each car listed on its platform. The company also offers a wide selection of certified pre-owned cars and provides services such as doorstep delivery, financing options, and after-sales support. Spinny’s innovative approach has gained popularity among car buyers, making it a leading player in the used car market in India.
  30. MPL (Mobile Premier League) is an Indian esports and mobile gaming platform that offers a diverse range of games, including fantasy sports, casual games, and competitive esports tournaments. Launched in 2018, MPL has quickly gained popularity, attracting millions of users and becoming one of the leading gaming platforms in India. It offers users the opportunity to showcase their gaming skills, compete against others, and win real cash prizes. MPL has also collaborated with various celebrities and sports personalities to enhance user engagement. With its user-friendly interface and extensive game offerings, MPL has become a go-to platform for gaming enthusiasts in India.
  31. Acko is a digital insurance technology company based in India. Founded in 2016, Acko aims to revolutionize the insurance industry by offering convenient and affordable insurance solutions through its online platform. The company leverages technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to provide personalized insurance products and streamline the claims process. Acko offers a wide range of insurance options, including motor insurance, health insurance, and travel insurance, catering to the evolving needs of consumers. With its customer-centric approach and innovative business model, Acko has quickly gained prominence in the Indian insurance market and is poised to disrupt the traditional insurance landscape.
  32. ShareChat is a leading Indian social media platform that allows users to create, discover, and share content in various regional languages. Launched in 2015, ShareChat has gained immense popularity, particularly in non-English speaking regions of India, by offering a platform for users to express themselves and connect with like-minded individuals. The platform supports diverse formats such as text, images, videos, and audio, catering to the preferences of its user base. With over 160 million active users, ShareChat has become a go-to destination for regional content and has played a significant role in bridging the digital divide by empowering users to engage with social media in their preferred languages.
  33. Eruditus is a global edtech company based in India that specializes in providing executive education programs in collaboration with top universities. Established in 2010, Eruditus offers online and blended learning courses designed to enhance professional skills and knowledge. The company partners with prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, Columbia Business School, and INSEAD to deliver high-quality programs to working professionals worldwide. With a mission to make high-quality education accessible, Eruditus has gained recognition for its innovative approach to executive education and has successfully catered to the learning needs of thousands of professionals across various industries.
  34. upGrad is an Indian edtech company that provides online learning programs in collaboration with renowned universities and industry experts. Founded in 2015 by Ronnie Screwvala, Mayank Kumar, and Phalgun Kompalli, upGrad offers courses in various domains, including data science, management, technology, and more. With a mission to empower individuals with quality education and skill development, upGrad focuses on personalized learning experiences, industry-relevant curriculum, and career support. The platform has gained recognition for its innovative approach to online education and has successfully upskilled thousands of learners, contributing to India’s growing digital workforce.
  35. Apna is an Indian professional networking platform that connects job seekers with employers in the informal sector. Launched in 2019, Apna aims to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers in industries such as retail, logistics, hospitality, and more. The platform provides a space for users to create professional profiles, network, and access job opportunities. Apna also offers skill development resources and facilitates peer-to-peer learning. With a focus on blue-collar workers and entry-level jobs, Apna has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and localized approach. The platform has garnered significant funding and is playing a pivotal role in empowering India’s informal sector workforce.
  36. Urban Company, founded in 2014, is an Indian tech-enabled home services marketplace that connects customers with trusted service professionals. The platform offers a wide range of services, including beauty and wellness, home repairs, cleaning, and more. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, and convenience, Urban Company has gained popularity among urban consumers. The company has expanded its presence to several cities in India and international markets. Backed by significant investments, Urban Company has emerged as a leading player in the home services industry, leveraging technology to streamline service delivery and enhance customer experiences.
  37. BharatPe is an Indian fintech startup that provides digital payment solutions to small businesses. Founded in 2018, the company aims to simplify payment processes for merchants by offering a single QR code for multiple payment methods, including UPI and card payments. BharatPe enables merchants to accept digital payments without the need for additional POS machines. The company has gained significant popularity, raising substantial funding and becoming a unicorn with a valuation of over $1 billion. With its innovative approach and focus on serving the needs of small businesses, BharatPe is poised to play a significant role in India’s digital payments landscape.
  38. CarDekho is a prominent Indian online platform that provides comprehensive information and services related to the automotive industry. It offers a range of features, including car reviews, comparisons, pricing, and used car listings. CarDekho has gained popularity among car buyers and sellers for its user-friendly interface and extensive database. The platform enables users to make informed decisions by providing detailed specifications, expert reviews, and customer feedback. With its strong presence in the Indian market, CarDekho has established itself as a trusted source for car-related information, making the car buying and selling process more convenient and transparent for consumers.
  39. Licious is an Indian startup that has disrupted the meat and seafood industry with its innovative online marketplace. Founded in 2015, Licious offers customers high-quality, hygienically processed meat and seafood products delivered directly to their doorstep. With a focus on quality, freshness, and convenience, Licious has gained a loyal customer base across major cities in India. The company’s farm-to-fork approach ensures transparency and traceability in the sourcing and processing of its products. Licious has successfully tapped into the growing demand for safe and reliable meat and seafood options, positioning itself as a leading player in the Indian online food delivery market.
  40. Zetwerk is an Indian B2B marketplace that connects manufacturing companies with suppliers of engineering goods and services. Founded in 2018, Zetwerk offers a platform for businesses to source and procure high-quality industrial components, fabricated parts, and assemblies. The company utilizes technology and data-driven insights to streamline the procurement process, ensuring efficiency and transparency. With its network of verified suppliers and a focus on quality control, Zetwerk enables businesses to source products at competitive prices while maintaining high standards. As a result, Zetwerk has gained traction in the manufacturing industry and continues to grow as a trusted platform for industrial procurement needs.
  41. Meesho is an Indian social commerce platform that has gained significant recognition and success in a relatively short period. Founded in 2015 by Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, Meesho connects suppliers and resellers, predominantly women entrepreneurs, through social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. The platform empowers individuals to start their own online businesses by providing them with a wide range of products and tools to sell. Meesho’s innovative model has attracted substantial investments, and it has emerged as a key player in India’s e-commerce and entrepreneurship landscape, enabling millions to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.
  42. Blinkit is a promising Indian startup that offers innovative and efficient solutions for last-mile logistics and transportation. With a focus on optimizing delivery operations, Blinkit’s technology platform enables businesses to streamline their logistics processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction. By leveraging real-time tracking, route optimization, and intelligent analytics, Blinkit empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and achieve cost savings. With its customer-centric approach and dedication to leveraging technology, Blinkit is poised to make a significant impact in the logistics industry, addressing the challenges of last-mile delivery and transforming the way goods are transported in India.
  43. Pristyn Care is a healthcare startup based in India that specializes in providing advanced surgical treatments. The company aims to revolutionize the healthcare sector by offering patient-centric and technology-driven solutions. Pristyn Care’s team of experienced doctors and medical professionals focus on delivering minimally invasive surgeries across various specialties such as proctology, urology, gynecology, and ENT. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Pristyn Care ensures seamless patient experiences, reduced recovery times, and improved treatment outcomes. The startup has gained significant recognition for its innovative approach and commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services.
  44. Vedantu is an Indian edtech startup that offers online tutoring and personalized learning solutions to students from kindergarten to grade 12. Founded in 2014, Vedantu aims to make quality education accessible and convenient through its live interactive classes and personalized learning platform. With a strong focus on technology and highly qualified teachers, Vedantu provides students with a flexible and engaging learning experience. The platform offers a wide range of courses, including academic subjects, test preparation, and extracurricular activities. Vedantu’s innovative approach to education has garnered widespread recognition, making it one of the leading players in India’s edtech sector.
  45. Upstox is an Indian online discount brokerage firm that provides trading and investment services to retail investors. Established in 2012, Upstox offers a user-friendly and technologically advanced platform for trading in stocks, commodities, currencies, and derivatives. It aims to make trading accessible and affordable for individuals, with competitive pricing and a seamless digital experience. Upstox has gained popularity for its low-cost brokerage, robust trading tools, and reliable customer support. With a growing user base and continuous technological advancements, Upstox has positioned itself as a prominent player in the Indian financial market.
  46. Slice is a fintech startup based in India that offers a digital payment and credit platform targeted specifically at young consumers. With a focus on providing financial inclusion and convenience, Slice enables users to make hassle-free payments, manage expenses, and access credit through its mobile app. The company caters to the needs of college students and young professionals who often face challenges in obtaining credit due to limited credit history. Slice’s user-friendly interface, personalized offers, and transparent fee structure have gained popularity among its target audience. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, Slice aims to revolutionize the way young individuals handle their financial needs.
  47. CRED is an Indian fintech startup that has gained significant attention and popularity within a short span of time. Founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah, CRED aims to simplify credit card management for users by offering a single platform for bill payments, rewards, and financial management. The platform incentivizes users to pay credit card bills on time by providing exclusive rewards and offers from top brands. With its intuitive user interface, secure payment options, and innovative approach, CRED has attracted a large user base and has been successful in creating a community of financially responsible individuals. The startup has also secured substantial funding and has become one of India’s fastest-growing unicorns.
  48. CureFit is a prominent health and wellness startup based in India. Founded in 2016 by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, CureFit offers a holistic approach to fitness by combining physical workouts, healthy meals, mental wellness, and doctor consultations through its integrated platform. With a focus on providing convenient and personalized fitness solutions, CureFit has gained a strong following. The company operates fitness centers under the brand, offers healthy meals through, provides mental wellness programs through, and offers healthcare services through CureFit’s innovative model has garnered significant investor interest and propelled its growth as a leading player in the health and wellness industry.
  49. Mamaearth is an Indian personal care brand that focuses on producing natural, toxin-free products for babies, kids, and adults. Founded in 2016 by Varun and Ghazal Alagh, the company offers a wide range of skincare, haircare, and wellness products made with safe and sustainable ingredients. Mamaearth has gained popularity for its commitment to providing clean and gentle products that are free from harmful chemicals. With a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, the brand also uses eco-friendly packaging and supports various social initiatives. Mamaearth’s mission is to create a safer and healthier world for families while promoting responsible and conscious consumer choices.
  50. Infra.Market is an Indian B2B online marketplace that specializes in construction materials and supplies. Founded in 2016, the company aims to streamline and revolutionize the procurement process in the construction industry. Infra.Market leverages technology and data-driven insights to connect suppliers directly with contractors and builders, enabling seamless transactions and cost savings. The platform offers a wide range of construction products, including cement, steel, electricals, plumbing, and more. With its innovative approach and commitment to efficiency, Infra.Market has quickly gained traction and has become a trusted name in the construction materials industry in India.
  51. Five Star Business Finance is a leading non-banking financial company (NBFC) in India, specializing in providing customized financial solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). With a focus on underserved segments, Five Star Business Finance offers loans and credit facilities to support business growth and expansion. The company has a robust network of branches across India, catering to diverse industry sectors. Five Star Business Finance’s customer-centric approach, simplified loan application process, and quick disbursement have positioned it as a trusted partner for SMEs in fulfilling their financial needs. Through its services, the company plays a vital role in driving entrepreneurship and fostering economic development in India.
  52. OfBusiness is an Indian fintech startup that focuses on providing credit and financial solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the country. Founded in 2015, OfBusiness aims to address the credit gap faced by SMEs by offering them access to working capital and supply chain financing. The company leverages technology and data analytics to assess creditworthiness and tailor financial products to meet the unique needs of each business. With its innovative approach, OfBusiness has gained recognition as a trusted partner for SMEs, empowering them to grow and thrive in the competitive business landscape.
  53. CoinSwitch Kuber is a popular Indian cryptocurrency investment platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade a wide range of digital currencies. Launched in 2020, CoinSwitch Kuber has quickly gained popularity among crypto enthusiasts due to its user-friendly interface and seamless trading experience. The platform provides access to over 100 cryptocurrencies, making it convenient for users to diversify their digital asset portfolios. With features like instant deposits and withdrawals, competitive pricing, and strong security measures, CoinSwitch Kuber has become a go-to choice for individuals looking to enter the cryptocurrency market in India.
  54. CoinDCX is one of India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Founded in 2018, it provides a secure and user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies. CoinDCX offers a diverse portfolio of digital assets, advanced trading features, and robust security measures to ensure a seamless trading experience for its users. With a strong focus on compliance and regulatory adherence, CoinDCX has emerged as a trusted platform in the Indian cryptocurrency market. Its continuous efforts to educate and empower users in the cryptocurrency space have contributed to its growth and popularity among crypto enthusiasts.
  55. BlackBuck is a leading Indian logistics technology startup founded in 2015. It offers an online platform connecting truck owners and shippers, streamlining the freight transportation process. With its innovative approach, BlackBuck has revolutionized the logistics industry by providing transparency, efficiency, and cost savings. The company has gained significant traction and raised substantial funding from investors, including prominent venture capital firms. BlackBuck’s digital solutions have empowered truckers and helped businesses optimize their logistics operations, making it a key player in India’s rapidly evolving logistics technology sector.
  56. Droom is an Indian online marketplace for buying and selling new and used automobiles. Launched in 2014, Droom has gained popularity for its innovative approach to the automotive industry. It offers a wide range of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and even planes, catering to diverse customer needs. With features like vehicle inspection reports, pricing guidance, and a transparent transaction process, Droom has revolutionized the way people buy and sell vehicles online. The platform has garnered significant funding and has expanded its services to multiple cities in India, becoming a trusted destination for hassle-free and reliable automobile transactions.
  57. PharmEasy is an Indian online pharmacy and healthcare platform that provides a convenient and accessible solution for purchasing medicines and healthcare products. With its user-friendly mobile app and website, PharmEasy offers a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines, lab tests, and wellness products, all delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep. The platform ensures authenticity and affordability, while also providing valuable features like online doctor consultations and medicine reminders. PharmEasy’s mission is to make healthcare accessible to all, revolutionizing the traditional pharmacy experience and empowering individuals to take control of their health with ease.
  58. MyGlamm is an Indian beauty and cosmetics brand that has gained significant popularity in recent years. It offers a wide range of makeup and skincare products, including lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, and face masks. What sets MyGlamm apart is its innovative approach to beauty, combining high-quality formulations with convenience. The brand emphasizes the concept of “beauty on the go,” providing customers with easy-to-use products and expert tips for achieving flawless looks. With its commitment to quality, convenience, and affordability, MyGlamm has become a go-to choice for beauty enthusiasts in India, establishing itself as a trusted name in the industry.
  59. Digit Insurance is an Indian insurtech startup that offers a wide range of digital insurance products. Founded in 2016 by Kamesh Goyal, the company leverages technology and data analytics to simplify the insurance experience for customers. With its user-friendly mobile app and website, Digit Insurance provides hassle-free policies for health, travel, motor, and other insurance categories. The company’s customer-centric approach, transparent pricing, and quick claims settlement have garnered positive reviews and propelled its growth. With a mission to “Make Insurance Simple,” Digit Insurance is disrupting the traditional insurance industry by embracing digital innovation and delivering customer-centric solutions.
  60. Innovaccer is a leading healthcare technology company that specializes in data-driven solutions to improve patient care and operational efficiency. Founded in 2012, Innovaccer provides advanced analytics, interoperability, and population health management tools to healthcare organizations. Their platform enables healthcare providers to aggregate and analyze patient data from various sources, leading to actionable insights and better decision-making. Innovaccer’s innovative approach has earned them recognition and partnerships with prominent healthcare institutions. With a focus on transforming healthcare delivery through technology, Innovaccer is playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the industry and improving patient outcomes.
  61. Groww is an Indian fintech startup that offers an online investment platform, making investing accessible and hassle-free for retail investors. Founded in 2016, Groww has rapidly gained popularity, attracting millions of users with its user-friendly interface and intuitive investment options. The platform allows users to invest in mutual funds, stocks, gold, and other financial instruments. Groww’s mission is to simplify investing and empower individuals to make informed financial decisions. With its innovative approach and focus on customer experience, Groww has emerged as a leading player in India’s retail investment landscape, revolutionizing the way people invest in the country.
  62. Gupshup is a leading conversational messaging platform that enables businesses to build interactive chat experiences. With a strong focus on AI and machine learning, Gupshup allows companies to create chatbots, automated customer support, and personalized messaging campaigns. It offers a range of tools and APIs that empower developers to integrate chat functionalities into their applications and services. Gupshup’s platform handles billions of messages, serving businesses across various industries, including e-commerce, finance, healthcare, and more. With its innovative solutions and commitment to enhancing customer engagement, Gupshup has established itself as a key player in the conversational messaging space.
  63. Chargebee is a leading subscription management and billing platform that enables businesses to automate and streamline their recurring billing processes. Founded in 2011, Chargebee simplifies subscription management for businesses of all sizes, providing essential tools for subscription creation, pricing, invoicing, and revenue recognition. The platform seamlessly integrates with popular payment gateways and offers advanced features like dunning management and analytics. With a customer-centric approach, Chargebee empowers businesses to scale their subscription-based operations efficiently while ensuring a seamless billing experience for their customers. Its innovative solutions have earned Chargebee recognition as a trusted partner for subscription businesses globally.
  64. Zeta is an Indian fintech startup that offers a comprehensive suite of digital solutions for employee benefits and corporate payments. Founded in 2015 by Bhavin Turakhia and Ramki Gaddipati, Zeta aims to revolutionize the way companies manage their employee benefits programs. Its platform provides a range of services, including meal vouchers, fuel allowances, medical reimbursements, and more, all accessible through a user-friendly mobile app. With a focus on convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness, Zeta has gained significant traction in the market, attracting numerous corporate clients and investors. The company’s innovative approach to digitizing employee benefits has positioned it as a promising player in the Indian fintech space.
  65. BrowserStack is a leading software testing platform that enables developers and testers to perform comprehensive testing of their web and mobile applications across various devices and browsers. With a cloud-based infrastructure, BrowserStack offers a vast selection of real devices and virtual browsers, allowing users to ensure compatibility and functionality. The platform provides seamless testing experiences with features like automated testing, visual regression, and local testing. BrowserStack’s robust and reliable solutions have gained popularity among developers worldwide, helping them deliver high-quality applications with enhanced user experiences. Its user-friendly interface and extensive device coverage make it an indispensable tool in the software development and testing ecosystem.
  66. Mohalla Tech, commonly known as Moj, is an Indian short video platform that has gained significant popularity in a short span of time. Launched in 2020, Moj offers users a creative space to showcase their talent through short videos, similar to platforms like TikTok. With a focus on catering to the Indian audience, Moj provides a diverse range of content, including entertainment, comedy, music, and dance. Backed by its parent company ShareChat, Moj has quickly amassed millions of users and has become a go-to platform for content creators and viewers alike, contributing to the vibrant Indian social media landscape.
  67. Matic Network, now known as Polygon, is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It aims to address the scalability challenges of the Ethereum blockchain, offering faster and more cost-effective transactions. Polygon provides a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks, enabling developers to create scalable decentralized applications (dApps) with enhanced user experiences. By utilizing sidechains, Plasma technology, and a decentralized network of validators, Polygon aims to improve the scalability and usability of Ethereum, making it a popular choice for developers and users seeking efficient blockchain solutions.
  68. MindTickle is a leading sales readiness and enablement platform that helps companies train and prepare their sales teams for success. The platform uses gamification, interactive learning modules, and data-driven insights to deliver engaging and effective training programs. With MindTickle, sales professionals can enhance their product knowledge, develop selling skills, and stay updated on industry trends. The platform offers customizable training content, assessments, and coaching tools to drive continuous improvement. By empowering sales teams with the right skills and knowledge, MindTickle enables companies to achieve better sales performance and drive revenue growth.
  69. Rebel Foods, founded in 2011 by Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee, is a leading cloud kitchen startup based in India. With a network of over 350 cloud kitchens across 40 Indian cities, Rebel Foods operates multiple popular food brands, including Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, and Oven Story Pizza. Leveraging technology and data-driven insights, Rebel Foods has revolutionized the food delivery space, focusing on quality, affordability, and convenience. The company has successfully tapped into the growing demand for online food delivery, establishing itself as a major player in India’s rapidly expanding food tech industry.
  70. Mensa is an international society known for its exclusive membership, which is reserved for individuals with high intellectual capabilities. Founded in 1946, Mensa aims to identify and bring together individuals who score within the top 2% of the general population in IQ tests. The organization provides a platform for members to engage in intellectual discussions, participate in events, and access various resources. With chapters in numerous countries, Mensa fosters a community of intellectually gifted individuals, promoting the exchange of ideas and stimulating intellectual growth. Membership in Mensa is considered a prestigious achievement, recognizing exceptional cognitive abilities.
  71. GlobalBees is an Indian e-commerce enabler and aggregator platform that aims to empower direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. Founded in 2020, GlobalBees partners with emerging consumer brands and provides them with infrastructure, technology, and expertise to scale their businesses efficiently. By leveraging its extensive network, GlobalBees assists brands in expanding their reach, optimizing operations, and enhancing customer experiences. With a focus on categories like beauty, personal care, home essentials, and more, GlobalBees is playing a crucial role in driving the growth of the D2C ecosystem in India, bridging the gap between brands and consumers in the digital marketplace.
  72. Dailyhunt is a leading Indian news and local language content platform that provides users with a wide range of news articles, videos, and e-books in multiple languages. With over 300 million app installs and a vast user base, Dailyhunt enables access to local news and content in regional languages, catering to the diverse linguistic needs of Indian users. The platform aggregates content from various publishers, offering a comprehensive and personalized news experience. Dailyhunt’s popularity and reach have solidified its position as a key player in the digital media landscape, empowering users with relevant and up-to-date information in their preferred languages.
  73. Unacademy is a prominent Indian edtech startup that offers online learning courses and test preparation materials. Founded in 2015, it has quickly gained popularity and become a valued member of India’s unicorn club. Unacademy provides a platform where educators can create and deliver high-quality educational content to students across the country. With its interactive approach and comprehensive curriculum, Unacademy has successfully disrupted the traditional education system, making quality education accessible and affordable to millions of learners. The company’s innovative learning solutions and strategic partnerships have propelled its growth, positioning it as a key player in India’s thriving edtech sector.
  74. Cars24 is an Indian tech-enabled used car marketplace that provides a convenient and transparent platform for buying and selling pre-owned vehicles. Founded in 2015, Cars24 offers a hassle-free experience by offering quick car inspections, instant payments, and seamless paperwork. Leveraging technology and data analytics, the company ensures fair pricing and trustworthy transactions. With a strong presence across multiple cities in India, Cars24 has gained popularity among customers looking for a reliable platform to sell or purchase used cars. The company’s focus on customer convenience and transparency has propelled its growth, making it a significant player in the Indian used car market.
  75. Glance, a subsidiary of InMobi, is a leading mobile content platform based in India. It revolutionizes how users consume content by delivering personalized, visually engaging content on the lock screens of smartphones. Glance provides a seamless and immersive experience with its AI-driven content recommendations, including news, videos, games, and more. The platform has garnered a massive user base, with millions of active users who spend significant time engaging with Glance’s content. With its innovative approach to mobile content delivery, Glance has emerged as a disruptive player in the digital advertising space, attracting both users and advertisers alike.
  76. Razorpay is a leading Indian fintech startup that provides digital payment solutions and payment gateway services to businesses. Founded in 2013, Razorpay offers a secure and seamless platform for online transactions, enabling businesses to accept payments through various channels. The company has gained significant popularity and trust among businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, due to its user-friendly interface, robust technology, and reliable customer support. With its innovative solutions and focus on simplifying payment processes, Razorpay has emerged as a key player in India’s rapidly growing digital payment industry.
  77. Zerodha is a leading Indian online brokerage firm that revolutionized the country’s retail trading landscape. Founded in 2010 by Nithin Kamath, it introduced the concept of discount brokerage, offering low-cost trading services to investors. With its user-friendly platform and transparent pricing model, Zerodha quickly gained popularity and became the largest retail stockbroker in India. Known for its innovative initiatives like the introduction of direct mutual funds and educational resources, Zerodha continues to empower millions of retail investors, making investing more accessible and affordable. Its disruptive approach has reshaped the Indian brokerage industry and positioned Zerodha as a key player in the fintech space.
  78. PhonePe is a leading digital payment and financial technology platform in India. Founded in 2015, it offers a range of services, including mobile payments, fund transfers, bill payments, and online shopping. PhonePe operates through a user-friendly mobile app and has gained widespread popularity for its seamless and secure transactions. Backed by Flipkart, PhonePe has become one of the fastest-growing digital payment platforms in India, with millions of users. With innovative features and a robust network of merchants, PhonePe continues to revolutionize the way people transact and manage their finances in the digital era.
  79. FirstCry is a leading Indian unicorn startup that specializes in baby and kids’ products. Founded in 2010 by Supam Maheshwari and Amitava Saha, FirstCry offers a comprehensive online platform and offline stores for parents to shop for a wide range of products, including clothing, toys, feeding essentials, and more. With a customer-centric approach and a vast product selection, FirstCry has gained a strong foothold in the market. The company has expanded its services to cater to parents’ needs at every stage, from pregnancy to early childhood. FirstCry’s success is a testament to its ability to meet the evolving demands of parents and create a trusted brand in the baby care industry.
  80. Nykaa is a leading Indian beauty and personal care e-commerce platform. Launched in 2012 by Falguni Nayar, Nykaa offers a wide range of beauty products from various brands, including cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fragrances. It has gained immense popularity for its extensive product selection, user-friendly interface, and reliable customer service. Nykaa has expanded beyond online retail with the establishment of offline stores, offering customers a seamless omni-channel shopping experience. With its focus on quality, authenticity, and innovation, Nykaa has become a trusted destination for beauty enthusiasts in India, fueling its growth and success in the competitive beauty industry.
  81. Pine Labs is a leading merchant commerce platform headquartered in India. Founded in 1998, Pine Labs offers innovative payment and digital transformation solutions for merchants across various sectors. The company’s platform enables seamless and secure transactions, including card payments, mobile wallets, and buy-now-pay-later options. With a wide range of products and services, Pine Labs has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses looking to enhance their customer payment experiences. The company has expanded its operations beyond India, serving merchants in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Pine Labs continues to innovate and drive digital commerce growth in the region.
  82. Highradius is a leading fintech company specializing in order-to-cash and treasury management solutions. Founded in 2006, Highradius offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based software products that automate and streamline financial processes, enabling businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance cash flow management. The company’s innovative AI-driven platform leverages machine learning algorithms to optimize credit and collections, cash application, deductions, and other critical financial operations. With a strong focus on customer success, Highradius serves a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, and healthcare. Its cutting-edge technology and commitment to driving digital transformation have made it a trusted partner for global enterprises seeking to enhance their financial operations.
  83. Verse Innovation is a dynamic startup focused on fostering innovation and driving technological advancements. With a relentless pursuit of groundbreaking ideas, Verse Innovation aims to push boundaries and create impactful solutions in various industries. Through its agile and creative approach, the company brings together talented individuals and leverages emerging technologies to develop disruptive products and services. By nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration, Verse Innovation is poised to make a significant mark in the startup ecosystem, contributing to the growth and transformation of industries in the digital age.
  84. Zenoti is a fast-growing software platform catering to the needs of the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries. With a comprehensive suite of tools, including appointment scheduling, customer management, and marketing automation, Zenoti helps businesses streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. Founded in 2010, the company has quickly gained recognition for its innovative technology and customer-centric approach. Zenoti’s cloud-based platform is trusted by thousands of spas, salons, and fitness centers worldwide, enabling them to optimize their operations, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional services. With its strong market presence and commitment to industry-specific solutions, Zenoti continues to empower businesses in the beauty and wellness sector.
  85. Postman is a leading collaboration platform for API development. It simplifies the process of designing, testing, and documenting APIs, making it a go-to tool for developers worldwide. With over 17 million users, Postman enables seamless communication between teams, allowing them to streamline workflows and accelerate development cycles. Its user-friendly interface and extensive features, including automated testing and documentation generation, empower developers to create robust and efficient APIs. Postman’s popularity stems from its ability to enhance productivity, improve API quality, and foster collaboration, making it an indispensable tool for modern software development.
  86. Delhivery is one of India’s leading logistics and supply chain solutions providers. Founded in 2011, the company offers end-to-end logistics services, including express parcel transportation, warehousing, and e-commerce fulfillment. Delhivery leverages advanced technology and a vast network of delivery partners to ensure efficient and timely delivery across India. With its customer-centric approach and focus on innovation, Delhivery has become a key player in the e-commerce logistics space. The company’s robust infrastructure, wide range of services, and commitment to excellence have contributed to its success and solidified its position as a trusted logistics partner for businesses in India.
  87. Icertis is a leading contract lifecycle management (CLM) software company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Founded in 2009, Icertis offers a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to effectively manage and analyze their contracts throughout their lifecycle. With its robust features and AI-powered capabilities, Icertis helps organizations streamline contract processes, mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and optimize business outcomes. The company has gained recognition for its innovative approach to contract management and has secured partnerships with major enterprises worldwide. Icertis continues to expand its global presence and remains committed to empowering businesses with advanced CLM solutions.
  88. Ola Electric is a prominent player in the electric mobility sector in India. It aims to revolutionize the transportation landscape by providing sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions. Ola Electric’s flagship product, the Ola Scooter, has garnered significant attention for its innovative features and efficient performance. The company is focused on building a robust charging infrastructure network to support electric vehicles across the country. With its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean energy, Ola Electric is playing a vital role in shaping the future of transportation in India.
  89. Druva is a data protection and management company that offers cloud-native solutions to enterprises. Founded in 2008, Druva has emerged as a leader in the field of cloud data protection, enabling organizations to securely backup, recover, and manage their data across endpoints, cloud applications, and data centers. With its innovative approach and emphasis on cloud-based solutions, Druva has gained recognition for its comprehensive data protection offerings, scalability, and ease of use. The company has attracted significant investments and established a strong presence in the market, serving customers globally and helping them navigate the complexities of data management in the digital age.
  90. BigBasket is a leading online grocery delivery platform in India. Founded in 2011, it offers a wide range of products, including fresh produce, groceries, household items, and more. With its user-friendly website and mobile app, BigBasket has gained immense popularity among consumers seeking convenient and reliable grocery shopping options. The company operates on a hub-and-spoke model, ensuring efficient delivery to both metro and non-metro cities. BigBasket’s commitment to quality, timely delivery, and a vast product selection has propelled it to become one of the largest players in the online grocery space in India.
  91. Rivigo is an Indian logistics startup that has gained prominence for its innovative approach to the trucking industry. With a focus on leveraging technology and data analytics, Rivigo aims to optimize the efficiency of logistics operations. The company has pioneered the concept of relay trucking, where drivers exchange trucks at designated points to ensure continuous movement and minimize transit time. This model has significantly improved delivery speed, reliability, and driver comfort. Rivigo’s unique approach has garnered attention and attracted substantial investments, positioning the company as a key player in India’s logistics sector.
  92. Lenskart is a leading Indian eyewear brand that has gained prominence for its online platform offering a wide range of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. Founded in 2010, Lenskart has disrupted the traditional eyewear market by providing affordable and high-quality products combined with a seamless online shopping experience. The company’s innovative “try at home” service allows customers to try frames virtually or order a selection to their doorstep. With a strong customer base and a growing retail presence, Lenskart has established itself as a key player in the eyewear industry, catering to the diverse needs of Indian consumers.
  93. Dream11 is India’s leading fantasy sports platform, revolutionizing the way fans engage with their favorite sports. Founded in 2008, Dream11 allows users to create virtual teams and compete against each other based on real-life performances of players in cricket, football, basketball, and other sports. With its user-friendly interface and exciting gameplay, Dream11 has gained immense popularity, boasting a user base of millions. The platform has not only provided fans with a unique way to showcase their sports knowledge but has also become a significant player in the sports entertainment industry. Dream11’s success has paved the way for fantasy sports to thrive in India.
  94. CitiusTech is a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions and services. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, the company offers specialized expertise in areas such as healthcare analytics, digital health, and medical device integration. CitiusTech’s innovative solutions enable healthcare organizations to streamline operations, improve patient care, and drive better outcomes. With a global presence and a client base that includes healthcare providers, life sciences companies, and medical technology vendors, CitiusTech has established itself as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry. The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence has positioned it as a key player in transforming the delivery of healthcare services worldwide.
  95. Freshworks is a leading global software-as-a-service (SaaS) company headquartered in California. Founded in 2010 by Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy, Freshworks provides customer engagement software that helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences. The company offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions, including customer support, CRM, and marketing automation tools. With a customer-focused approach and user-friendly interfaces, Freshworks has gained widespread popularity and serves over 50,000 customers worldwide. Known for its commitment to innovation and customer success, Freshworks continues to empower businesses of all sizes to build strong customer relationships and drive growth through its scalable and customizable software solutions.
  96. Udaan, founded in 2016, is an Indian business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform that connects manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, and retailers across various sectors. With a mission to empower small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Udaan provides a digital marketplace for seamless buying and selling of goods. The platform offers a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, home essentials, and more. Udaan’s user-friendly interface, reliable logistics network, and transparent payment solutions have contributed to its rapid growth. By leveraging technology, Udaan aims to revolutionize the traditional supply chain model and create opportunities for SMBs to thrive in the digital era.
  97. OYO Rooms, founded in 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal, is an Indian hospitality chain that operates a network of budget hotels and accommodations. It revolutionized the hotel industry by offering standardized, affordable, and quality stays for travelers. With a strong presence both domestically and internationally, OYO Rooms quickly became one of the largest hotel chains in India. Through its innovative technology platform, OYO provides a seamless booking experience and ensures standardized amenities and services across its properties. The company’s growth has been fueled by strategic partnerships, investor support, and a customer-centric approach, making it a significant player in the hospitality sector.
  98. Paytm Mall is an e-commerce platform in India, launched as a subsidiary of digital payments giant Paytm. With a focus on providing a seamless shopping experience, Paytm Mall offers a wide range of products across various categories, including electronics, fashion, home essentials, and more. The platform combines convenience with attractive discounts and cashback offers, attracting a large user base. Paytm Mall leverages the digital payment infrastructure of its parent company, allowing users to make secure transactions. Through its user-friendly interface, diverse product offerings, and integrated payment solutions, Paytm Mall has established itself as a prominent player in the Indian e-commerce market.
  99. Swiggy is a leading food delivery platform in India that connects users with local restaurants and offers convenient doorstep delivery. Founded in 2014, Swiggy has emerged as a go-to option for millions of consumers seeking quick and reliable food delivery services. With a user-friendly app and a vast network of restaurant partners, Swiggy has revolutionized the food delivery industry in India. The company’s efficient logistics and technology-driven approach have earned it a strong market presence and a loyal customer base. Swiggy’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation has solidified its position as a key player in the Indian food delivery landscape.
  100. BillDesk is a leading Indian payment gateway and fintech company that provides secure and convenient online payment solutions. Founded in 2000, BillDesk enables individuals and businesses to make electronic payments for a wide range of services, including bills, utilities, insurance, and more. The platform offers a seamless user experience, ensuring quick and reliable transactions. With its robust infrastructure and trusted reputation, BillDesk has emerged as a key player in the digital payment ecosystem, facilitating millions of transactions and contributing to the growth of India’s cashless economy.
  101. ReNew Power is one of India’s leading renewable energy companies, dedicated to transforming the country’s energy landscape through sustainable solutions. Founded in 2011 by Sumant Sinha, ReNew Power has emerged as a key player in the renewable energy sector, focusing on wind and solar power generation. The company’s portfolio includes a diverse range of clean energy projects across India, contributing significantly to reducing carbon emissions and promoting a greener future. With a strong commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability, ReNew Power continues to make substantial contributions towards India’s renewable energy goals and is positioned as a driving force in the country’s transition to a clean energy economy.
  102. Paytm is a leading Indian digital payment and financial services platform. Launched in 2010, it has emerged as a pioneer in the country’s digital payment revolution. Paytm offers a wide range of services, including mobile wallet, e-commerce, ticket booking, utility bill payments, and more. With its user-friendly interface, seamless transactions, and widespread adoption, Paytm has become synonymous with digital payments in India. The company’s success has been fueled by strategic partnerships, innovative offerings, and a strong focus on customer convenience. As one of India’s most valuable startups, Paytm continues to play a pivotal role in driving India’s digital economy forward.
  103. Mu Sigma is a leading analytics and decision sciences company headquartered in the United States. Founded in 2004 by Dhiraj Rajaram, Mu Sigma specializes in solving complex business problems using data-driven insights. The company employs a unique approach called the “art of problem-solving” that combines technology, analytics, and domain expertise. Mu Sigma’s clients include Fortune 500 companies across various industries. With a strong focus on innovation and analytics-driven decision-making, Mu Sigma has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to harness the power of data to drive growth and gain a competitive edge in the market.
  104. InMobi is a global mobile advertising and technology company headquartered in India. Founded in 2007, InMobi provides advertising solutions for marketers and publishers, helping them reach and engage with mobile users worldwide. The company offers a range of innovative advertising formats, targeting capabilities, and data-driven insights to deliver effective mobile advertising campaigns. With its advanced mobile advertising platform and partnerships with leading brands, InMobi has established itself as a major player in the mobile advertising industry. The company’s commitment to innovation and its extensive reach in the mobile space have propelled its growth and solidified its position as a trusted advertising partner.
  105. MakeMyTrip is a leading online travel company based in India. Founded in 2000, it offers a wide range of travel services, including flight bookings, hotel reservations, holiday packages, and bus and train tickets. With its user-friendly platform and extensive network of partners, MakeMyTrip has become a go-to destination for travelers seeking convenience and competitive prices. The company has revolutionized the travel industry by leveraging technology to simplify the booking process and provide personalized travel experiences. MakeMyTrip’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its comprehensive range of services have established it as a trusted and dominant player in India’s online travel market.

The Expanding Unicorn Club:

India’s unicorn club continues to grow rapidly, with new members joining the prestigious group regularly. These emerging unicorns span a wide range of sectors, including healthtech, agritech, logistics, and more. Their innovative solutions and disruptive business models have attracted substantial investments and positioned India as a hub for entrepreneurial success.

Emerging Sectors:

While e-commerce, fintech, and edtech have been prominent sectors in India’s unicorn club, new sectors are also emerging. Healthtech startups focusing on telemedicine, online pharmacy, and healthcare delivery have gained traction, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Agritech companies leveraging technology to improve agricultural practices and logistics startups streamlining supply chains are also experiencing significant growth. As India’s economy continues to evolve, new sectors are likely to emerge, further diversifying the unicorn landscape.

International Recognition:

India’s unicorn startups have garnered attention not only within the country but also on the global stage. Many of these companies have expanded their operations internationally, acquiring customers and generating revenue beyond India’s borders. Their success has positioned India as a hotspot for entrepreneurial innovation and attracted international investors and partnerships, fostering cross-border collaborations and knowledge exchange.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While India’s unicorn ecosystem thrives, startups face their fair share of challenges. These include intense competition, scaling operations, ensuring profitability, and navigating regulatory complexities. Additionally, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges, but it has also opened up opportunities for startups to innovate and cater to changing consumer needs in areas such as remote work, health, and e-commerce.

Government Support:

Recognizing the importance of startups in driving economic growth, the Indian government has introduced various initiatives to support the startup ecosystem. Programs like “Startup India” and “Digital India” provide regulatory and financial incentives, facilitate access to funding, and encourage innovation. These initiatives aim to create a conducive environment for startups to thrive, attract investments, and generate employment opportunities.

Unicorn IPOs:

In recent years, several Indian unicorns have explored the possibility of going public through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). This trend reflects the maturity and growth potential of these startups. Successful IPOs not only provide liquidity to investors but also showcase the robustness of India’s startup ecosystem to global investors, further boosting confidence in the sector.

India’s startup ecosystem is witnessing an exciting era of unprecedented growth, with the number of unicorns reaching an impressive count of 108 and still growing. These innovative startups represent the country’s potential to drive technological advancements, create jobs, and contribute to economic growth. As India’s unicorn club expands, it not only showcases the entrepreneurial spirit within the nation but also signifies the confidence investors have in its startups. The success of these unicorns serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and reinforces India’s position as a prominent player in the global startup landscape.

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