Indian Tech Startup Wiom Secures Rs 140 Crore in Series A Funding to Democratize Internet Access

“Wiom, an Indian tech startup, secures Rs 140 crore in Series A funding to democratize internet access and bridge the digital divide in the nation.”

Indian tech startup, Wiom, raises Rs 140 crore in a Series A funding round to drive internet democratization in India. Joining forces with prominent investors, Wiom aims to bridge the digital divide, expand its footprint, and make affordable internet access a basic necessity for all.

New Delhi-based startup, Wiom, has successfully raised Rs 140 crore (~$17 million) in a Series A funding round, with RTP Global leading the investment. Other participants in the round included YourNest, Omidyar Network India, Global Brain, Blume Founders Fund, Alteria Capital, Stride Ventures, Stride One, and 9 Unicorns. The company’s core mission is to democratize internet access across India.

With a vision to make internet access a basic necessity accessible to all, Wiom plans to utilize the raised funds to expand its services throughout the country. The investment will also be used to attract top-notch talent and develop a robust distributed delivery architecture.

Satyam Darmora, the Founder of Wiom, emphasized the importance of internet connectivity, stating that in the modern world, access to the internet is as vital as air, water, and food. The startup aims to contribute significantly to the Indian government’s ambitious goal of establishing 50 million PM-WANI (Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface) hotspots across the nation.

Wiom’s innovative approach and commitment to bridging the digital divide have attracted the attention and support of prominent investors. As the company continues to grow, it envisions a future where every individual in India can afford unlimited and uninterrupted 24/7 internet access, empowering them with the tools and resources to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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