iAngels Launches Chennai Chapter with INR 100 Crore Investment Plan for 50 Startups

“iAngels Embarks on a Mission to Nurture Chennai’s Startup Ecosystem with INR 100 Crore Investment Plan”

India Accelerator (IA)-backed iAngels has recently announced the launch of its Chennai Chapter, aimed at nurturing and fostering the growth of the vibrant startup community in Southern India. With a focus on comprehensive development, the angel network plans to collaborate with various supporting entities, institutes, and corporates to strengthen the local startup ecosystem in Chennai and extend its reach globally, capitalizing on the region’s excellence in innovation.

The Tamil Nadu government has introduced several policies to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, offering incentives and support to startups. iAngels aims to leverage these advantages and contribute to the region’s startup community’s growth through its Chennai Chapter.

Mona Singh, co-founder of India Accelerator, expressed the commitment to augment the Tamil Nadu government’s efforts in fostering the startup ecosystem by providing robust infrastructure, guidance, network, and resources through the new chapter.

iAngels follows a rigorous selection process, ensuring a high-quality portfolio. This process, with an acceptance rate of only 4-5%, will be applied to the Chennai startups as well. The multi-stage assessment evaluates the potential of aspiring startups, and successful candidates are welcomed into the program for a 4-month journey of business growth and mentorship.

With a strong dedication to supporting promising startups in the region, the iAngels Chennai Chapter offers an array of benefits, including mentorship, funding opportunities at different levels, corporate collaborations, global expansion prospects, and networking opportunities.

Through this initiative, iAngels seeks to play a pivotal role in driving the growth of the startup ecosystem in Chennai and help these innovative ventures thrive in the competitive market.

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