Former Cricketer Sourav Ganguly Partners with Food Delivery Startup JustMyRoots to Revolutionize Culinary Experiences in Mumbai

Mumbai, July 8, 2023 – Sourav Ganguly, the celebrated former cricketer and current President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has taken a bold step into the world of startups with a strategic investment in JustMyRoots, a rapidly growing food delivery platform. Ganguly’s foray into the startup ecosystem underscores his passion for supporting and nurturing innovative ventures in the food industry, capitalizing on his influence and expertise to drive growth and success.

A New Chapter: Sourav Ganguly Invests in JustMyRoots

Renowned cricketer Sourav Ganguly has recently announced his decision to make a strategic investment in JustMyRoots, an up-and-coming food delivery startup poised for remarkable growth. By joining forces with the platform, Ganguly intends to actively contribute to its upward trajectory, sharing his valuable insights and guidance. This investment showcases his ardent interest in entrepreneurship and belief in the disruptive potential of JustMyRoots within the food delivery sector.

Ganguly’s investment in JustMyRoots reflects his unwavering commitment to supporting food entrepreneurs and driving innovation in the culinary landscape. By aligning himself with this startup, Ganguly aims to foster an ecosystem where aspiring entrepreneurs can thrive and redefine the way food is prepared, delivered, and experienced.

JustMyRoots: Pioneering a Unique Culinary Experience

What sets JustMyRoots apart in the highly competitive food delivery market is its exceptional offering of regional and traditional Indian delicacies prepared by talented home chefs. The platform celebrates India’s diverse culinary heritage and provides a stage for these skilled home cooks to showcase their talents. Ganguly’s investment in JustMyRoots recognizes the potential of this unique value proposition, responding to the growing demand for authentic, homemade food among discerning consumers.

Leveraging Ganguly’s Influence and Expertise

As a cricketing legend and influential personality, Ganguly brings to the table his extensive network, industry knowledge, and leadership experience. His association with JustMyRoots is expected not only to provide the startup with financial support but also to unlock opportunities for strategic partnerships, brand collaborations, and heightened visibility. Ganguly’s endorsement will undoubtedly catalyze JustMyRoots’ expansion plans, furthering their mission to delight customers with an array of diverse and flavorful culinary experiences.

Sourav Ganguly’s strategic investment in JustMyRoots marks his entrance into the startup ecosystem, specifically within the food delivery domain. By endorsing this innovative food platform, Ganguly aims to empower food entrepreneurs, leverage his influence, and actively contribute to the growth of JustMyRoots. This investment serves as a testament to the fusion of sports and entrepreneurship, highlighting how distinguished personalities like Ganguly actively shape and support the thriving startup landscape. With Ganguly’s support, JustMyRoots is poised to make significant strides in the fiercely competitive food delivery industry, satisfying customers’ cravings for authentic regional flavors.

About JustMyRoots:

JustMyRoots is a leading food delivery platform based in Mumbai that showcases a wide variety of regional and traditional Indian delicacies prepared by talented home chefs. By bridging the gap between food enthusiasts and passionate cooks, JustMyRoots aims to provide customers with an authentic and unforgettable culinary experience.

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