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This Book will assist you in improving your practice’s online reputation, attracting local patients, and driving targeted traffic to your website. Maintain current trends and updates and implement and manage a revenue-generating social media campaign for your dental practice. Dental advertising on social media for dentists increases patient awareness and drives targeted traffic to your website, resulting in new patient appointments. With retargeting campaigns, a well-targeted and trend-driven social media marketing campaign for dentists brings back visitors who left your website. You must choose social media platforms wisely because you only want to invest in those where your target audience is present.

For example, the most popular platforms for dental practices are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Connect with patients easily by creating compelling social media content. With our tried-and-true dentistry social media marketing ideas, you can build a strong base of returning patients, increase referral traffic, and raise practice awareness.

  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube Channels
  • Linkedin
  • Dental blogs
  • Website & SEO
  • Personal Branding
  • Dental Influencers in India
  • Dental Reputation Management
  • Dental Marketing
  • Dental Awards
  • Dental Events & Show
  • Stock library Ideas

Today, all dental marketing begins or ends digitally, and social media is at its heart. Dental Marketing: The 360° Approach in Digital Era, Book will assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your dental practices social media marketing and improving your online presence.

Ar. Pallavi Patil is a Founder & CEO of the New Startup “The Digital Pod, “An Architect, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Leader, National Best Selling Author &  Educationist. A 360 Marketing Company (2021) specializing in Digital Marketing & Innovations across the Globe. A passionate Architect and Marketing expert with deep knowledge of all aspects of real estate marketing which has been in architecture, marketing, and advertising for over 20 years. National Best Selling Author of 7 Books Published in a row. Recently Awarded Top Most Digital Marketing Leaders at World Leadership Council by ET Now 2022 & Real Estate Author of the Year 2022 at Real Estate& Business Excellence Award by AdSync & CNBC Awaz.

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Author Ar. Pallavi Patil. 

CEO TheDigitalPod I National Best Selling Author 2022 I Top Most Digital Marketing Leadership Award by ET Now World Leadership Congress 2022 I Business Marketing Coach

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