ClickPost Raises $6 Million to Help Retailers Streamline Their Shipping Operations

Summery: ClickPost, a logistics intelligence platform, has secured a $6 million investment led by Inflexor Ventures Partners and Athera Venture Partners, with contributions from Riverwalk Holdings and Rebright Partners. Founded in 2017 by Naman Vijay and Prashant Gupta, ClickPost plans to utilize the funds to launch AI-driven modules, expand into new markets, and enhance its position in existing ones. With over 300 clients globally, ClickPost aims to revolutionize retail shipping with its comprehensive suite of services. The investment reflects confidence in the potential of Indian SaaS companies and underscores the competitive landscape of the online logistics industry.

ClickPost, a dynamic player in the logistics intelligence sphere, has just announced a significant milestone in its journey. The company has successfully raised $6 million in funding, a testament to its promising vision and innovative solutions. The investment round was spearheaded by Inflexor Ventures Partners and Athera Venture Partners, with notable contributions from Riverwalk Holdings and existing investor Rebright Partners.

This infusion of capital marks a pivotal moment for ClickPost as it gears up to introduce cutting-edge AI-driven modules, bolster its team with top talent, explore new markets, and fortify its position in existing territories. Founded in 2017 by Naman Vijay, an alumnus of IIT-Delhi, and Prashant Gupta, a student of NIT Trichy, ClickPost has swiftly emerged as a crucial ally for online retailers seeking to optimize their delivery operations.

“We predict that in the coming years, some generational enterprises will emerge in the e-commerce enabling market. Indian SaaS companies have a tremendous opportunity to serve the high-growth Indian D2C brands benefiting from increased consumption in India, and then capture global enterprises with a ‘Build in India and Sell to the World’ strategy, which continues to pay rich dividends to Indian SaaS companies,” said Naman Vijay, CEO and Co-founder of ClickPost, emphasizing the immense potential of the Indian market.

With e-commerce witnessing exponential growth, fueled by changing consumer preferences and technological advancements, ClickPost aims to stay ahead of the curve by offering tailor-made solutions that empower brands to deliver seamless experiences to their customers. Vijay highlighted the significance of vertical AI technologies in shaping the future of e-commerce, enabling brands to compete with industry giants like Amazon on equal footing.

From its humble beginnings as a logistics analytics platform, ClickPost has evolved into a comprehensive suite of services, including pre-purchase journey delivery dates, multi-carrier integration, tracking visibility, return and exchange management, and omnichannel enablement. Its client roster boasts over 300 names across diverse regions, including India, North America, APAC, and the Middle East, featuring renowned brands such as Nykaa, Puma, Pepe Jeans, Acer, and Supertails.

Currently tracking over 1 million shipments daily, ClickPost anticipates a fivefold increase in the next two years, underscoring its rapid growth trajectory and market demand for its solutions. However, the company operates in a fiercely competitive landscape, vying with established players like Shiprocket, ShibBob, Holisol, Blowhorn, and Unicommerce in India’s bustling online logistics industry.

Despite the competition, local SaaS businesses in the logistics domain continue to attract significant investment, signaling confidence in the sector’s growth potential. Earlier investments in Gurugram-based and Mumbai-based logistics SaaS startups further validate the industry’s allure for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

As ClickPost embarks on its next phase of expansion fueled by this recent investment, all eyes are on the company to see how it will leverage its resources to redefine the future of retail shipping and logistics, both in India and beyond.