New Delhi, India – June 24, 2023 – Class24, a promising EdTech startup, has successfully concluded its pre-Series A funding round, raising USD 10 million in a valuation led by Plutus Wealth Management LLP and its Managing Partner, Arpit Khandelwal. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the education technology industry as Class24 aims to revolutionize the future of education in India.

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Founded by Bhunesh Sharma in July 2022, Otsadda Private Limited ( is a hybrid learning platform that offers comprehensive online and offline learning solutions for K-12 education, competitive exam preparation, and skill development. Bhunesh Sharma brings prior experience as a co-founder of Wifistudy, one of Asia’s largest educational YouTube channels, which was later acquired by a leading EdTech company in 2018.

With this successful funding round, Class24 is well-positioned to accelerate its expansion plans and further enhance its innovative tech-backed solutions and platforms. The company aims to bridge the gap between traditional education models and technological advancements by providing accessible and personalized learning experiences for both students and educators. The raised funds will be utilized to fuel product development, expand the network of offline schools and colleges, and attract top talent to drive ongoing innovation.

Bhunesh Sharma, Founder & CEO of Class24, highlighted the challenges faced by traditional educational models in adapting to the changing needs of students and educators. He stated, “In response to this gap, innovative startups like Class24 have emerged, offering a range of accessible and personalized learning experiences that empower learners and teachers alike. Unlike its peers, Class24 has experienced rapid growth within just one year, thanks to our focus on in-house training, premium content, and strong internal processes and systems. Currently, Class24 has reached over 1.3 million student app downloads in just one year.”

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Arpit Khandelwal, Managing Partner at Plutus Wealth Management LLP, expressed excitement about partnering with Class24 on its transformative tech-based journey in the EdTech sector. Khandelwal praised the experienced team behind Class24 and their sustainable expansion strategy, stating, “Class24 is well placed to scale up aggressively in the Indian EdTech market. We are thrilled to participate in this transformative journey with the highly seasoned team of Class24.”

The successful completion of the pre-Series A funding round positions Class24 as a key player in reshaping education in India. With its innovative approach and commitment to providing quality learning solutions, Class24 is set to make a significant impact on the EdTech landscape in the country.

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