Change things to put your life in order

Our generation is facing many problems which are mostly caused by lifestyle disorders. Late night at work, hectic social life, early meetings, missing meals, not responding to nature calls at the right time, racing to bed soon after dinner, etc ., The lack of a proper routine causes obesity, hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, hyperacidity, wrinkles, depression and many more health risks to our bodies. Our forefathers never had to worry about these as they had a disciplined lifestyle. Having a balanced lifestyle may result in an enhanced sense of well-being that is essential to optimum health. Who doesn’t want to live a healthy life? However, in the present times, it has become very difficult to balance health and work. If we follow a proper routine in a disciplined manner, then that acts as a most powerful medication. Following a disciplined routine teaches us the right time for waking up,  bathing, eating, meditation, and relaxing.
A healthy lifestyle is a key to having a better life, there are many ways to lead a healthy life. It consists of our daily activities and habits. Here are a few tips :
1.       Healthy Body promotes a healthy mind: Getting up early in the morning provides serenity to the mind and freshness to the senses. Just try getting up early, walking outdoors, and feeling the fresh air. Fill your mouth with water, splash cool water on your eyes and massage your eyelids gently. Starting the day with beverages like tea or coffee depletes kidney energy and strains the adrenals. Drink a glass of water or Kashaya which can rejuvenate you. Perform waste elimination which relieves you from toxins collected and you start feeling fresh. Brush your teeth, massage your gums and clean your tongue. Eating soaked almonds can enhance digestibility and boost nutritional absorption. Applying oil to the head and body and massaging enables good blood circulation and relieves tension. Take a shooting bath which revitalizes your body and eliminates dirt, and sweat giving you energy,  clarity and purity. Brushing teeth and cleansing your face should be performed even at night before you hit the bed.

  1. Healthy Diet: It’s very tough to have a balanced diet these days due to temptations caused by restaurants – billboards advertising cheap fast food at discounted prices, or even pizzas, which are just a call away. A person who can say no to a powerful craving is the person who will be more likely to say no when feeling tempted to give up or choose laziness over working on goals. We can prefer to have a balanced diet instead of a diet with a large amount of junk in it. One must eat a large number of green vegetables, and fruits and drink plenty of water. Besides that avoiding bad habits is also important like drinking alcohol and smoking.
  2. Yoga and Meditation: In today’s world when we are under pressure, we experience stress. It has become very much unavoidable to live a stress-free life. So when we are stressed we suffer from anxiety and panic attacks that disturb our behavioural equilibrium. Further, the consequences of mental illness also manifest in the body. The best approach to prevent stress is to practice yoga, pranayama and meditation daily. Regular practice can truly repattern our brain over time and assist us in the rewiring of our stress reaction.
  3. Sound sleep: Proper sleep is a major pillar of our life. Sleep is necessary for the body to recover from everyday stress, Remember that to have a stress-free morning, good sleep is a must. If there is no proper sleep it results in chronic illnesses such as hypertension, obesity, and even diabetes. Most of us continue to use phones till we fall asleep which makes it very difficult for pineal glands to generate an adequate amount of melatonin.
    So Finally, It is most important to develop a disciplined lifestyle. Once you start following a proper routine it becomes a habit and over some time you will be armed with skills to tame laziness and cultivate the happiness that remains forever in your life.