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The Brand Stories, as the name suggests sounds familiar and speaking-for-itself kind of term. It is an understanding, a platform narrating facts and feelings about one’s own brand, presenting shows and stories about one’s brand which might be inspirational sometimes, ya sometimes…

Talking about the facts, it’s not only just a vocab word but also the name of the company, yes, the company – A brand building and advertising agency.

An end-to-end media and event services company which also customized TBS services to strengthen the brand identity, including media coverage at varied platforms, TV content creation and other media platforms.

This might loosen the gap brands face during their brand stories but the TBS vision lays a path to celebrate brand stories by providing companies with bespoke and impactful media and solutions related to events.

Kamal deep Katiyar is the CEO and founder of The Brand Stories, a Maharashtra based company which is privately held and was founded in the year of 2015. He has 6 years of experience in this particular field of branding and marketing, making him an expertise in the b2b category.

Selling products and services directly between the end user’s, mainly business (owner) and consumer (buyer), the B2B category directly involves and revolves around the buyer. Therefore, the chances of acceptance or rejections of products are directly affected by the consumer. Hence, only fewer brands are sustained as launching can also negatively affect the brand if not strategies appropriately, and so at the brand stories, the personalise the perfect brand stories for their client’s brand, reducing the risk of error and upping towards growth.

This media advertisement platform wants to revolutionize their business setup in the second and third tiers of the business world and serve as key inspirational models for futuristic geniuses in the field of digital marketing, social media marketing, graphic designing and content creation. They provide multiple events and opportunities to create a multiskilled youth engaged, improving brand visibility. Their field of expertise has a varied range and are also specialized in marketing including its further divisions such as digital or social media, designing including collateral or website, Seo, brand positions and guidelines, ppc company, Digital pr, corporate film and management.

They aimed to become one of the most trusted media solution partners to brands across sectors and set a benchmark of innovation, trust, and efficiency in media and events, and strengthen their brand identity. They also reinvigorate the pre-existing models and ideas along with novel launches and new product introduction and solving myriad of strategy challenges.

Their service offer consists of media buying and events with over 40+ years of cumulative media management experience, TBS’ Media Buying arm caters the brands pacing with consumers by leveraging the power and use of media. Their Media Buying Service helped clients to access prime slots in Print, Digital, TV, and on-site media. Their work approach is creating a connected brand experience that’s how brand can have further shelf life with authentic branding having consumer trust and faith in them.