Raunak Agarwal, Executive Director of Raunak Coirs Limited, the parent company of Sleepfresh

In the ever-crowded mattress market, Sleepfresh stands out with its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Raunak Agarwal, Executive Director of Raunak Coirs Limited, the parent company of Sleepfresh, to gain insights into their brand and product offerings.

Q: What’s the meaning behind Sleepfresh’s slogan, “Sab Bakwaas Hatao, Sleepfresh Ghar Lao” (Cut the Hype, Bring Home Sleepfresh)?
A: This tagline reflects Sleepfresh’s core values. It aims to eliminate the overwhelming marketing noise and focus on what truly matters – a good night’s sleep achieved through quality mattresses and sustainable practices. It encourages prioritizing your well-being by investing in a brand which has been trusted for over two decades like Sleepfresh mattress that delivers genuine value.

Q: Sleepfresh offers various mattress types. Can you elaborate on these options?
A: Absolutely! Sleepfresh understands individual sleep preferences. We are one of the handpicked manufacturers in India who do integrated manufacturing and make almost all types of sleep solution products available in the market like Rubberised Coir, Polyurethane Foam of all kinds, Innerspring, Natural Latex to name a few. We offer memory foam mattresses that provide pressure relief and contouring support, perfect for those who love a cloud-like feel. We also have hybrid mattresses that combine the support of various core options with plush foam layers for a balanced sleep experience. Additionally, Sleepfresh boasts latex mattresses, made from natural latex for breathability and a luxurious feel. We also are available at a very large pricing spectrum where we start our prodduct range for a king size mattress from just Rs. 6500 and go upto Rs. 1 Lac

Q: How does Sleepfresh ensure customer satisfaction throughout the shopping journey?
A: Customer satisfaction is paramount for Sleepfresh. Our knowledgeable sales support team is there to guide you through the selection process. We offer personalized recommendations and expert advice to help you find the perfect mattress for your needs. This commitment extends beyond the showroom. Sleepfresh offers a hassle-free system and convenient delivery options, making the entire purchase process smooth and effortless. Additionally, Our satisfaction guarantee and responsive customer support ensure a stress-free journey toward restful nights.

Q: What sets Sleepfresh mattresses apart in terms of comfort and support?
A: Sleepfresh goes beyond just basic comfort and support. Our mattresses are engineered with cutting-edge technology to promote optimal sleep quality. Advanced cooling gel foams regulate temperature and airflow, ensuring a fresh and comfortable sleep environment. Additionally, responsive memory foam layers adapt to the body’s natural curves, providing personalized pressure relief and targeted support for a truly restful night’s sleep. Sleepfresh leverages the latest advancements in sleep science to design mattresses that deliver superior comfort and rejuvenation, night after night.

Q: Sleepfresh recently collaborated with Vidya Balan. How does this partnership align with the brand’s values?
A. We’re thrilled to announce that the renowned actress Vidya Balan has joined the Raunak family as our Sleepfresh Brand Ambassador. Vidya’s unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with her elegance and captivating presence, perfectly reflects the values we cherish at Sleepfresh. We’re confident that her involvement will play a pivotal role in solidifying Sleepfresh as the go-to brand for discerning consumers seeking exceptional comfort and transformative sleep experiences. As they say, when two powerful forces come together, magic happens – and we believe this collaboration between Sleepfresh and Vidya Balan is poised to create just that!

Q: Sleepfresh is a well-established brand. Can you tell me more about your experience and reach in the Indian market?
A: Absolutely! Sleepfresh, a brand under the Raunak Group, boasts a rich heritage of over 25 years in the Indian sleep industry with three generations of the same family being at the management today. This translates to a deep understanding of Indian consumer preferences and sleep needs. We have a robust pan-India presence, with a network of over 1500+ retailers and 40+ exclusive stores spread across the country.

Additionally, Our growing online presence allows for convenient shopping from anywhere in India. To ensure timely delivery and cater to diverse needs, we have a strong infrastructure in place. We have five manufacturing facilities located strategically across India, allowing us to produce high-quality mattresses that meet the varied preferences of Indian consumers. This also ensures readily available products in major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and many more. So, whether you’re looking for a mattress online or prefer an in-store experience, Sleepfresh has you covered.